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There are a lot of different kinds of narcissists in this day and age. The more aware we become of them the more they adapt and find ways to hide themselves.

Some narcissists are concealed and secretive in their abuse while others are quite clear with their manipulation tactics and that in itself makes spotting some of them quite confusing. Every narcissist comes into our lives wearing a mask and while it doesn’t take long for that mask to come off, being able to spot the narcissist before the mask comes off is a real skill not many have. Once you’ve spotted a mask you can work to get this person out of your life before they get too comfortable in your presence.

Below I am going to go over some of the more prominent types of masks narcissists tend to wear and break down some signs that you could be face to face with someone who is wearing one of them. Don’t be afraid to cut these people out of your life, if they are already showing these signs, they do not deserve to be around as is.

7 Masks Narcissists Wear, Look For These Signs:

1. The Kindness Mask

This is a mask worn by narcissists who win you over with their kind acts. They will do all they can for you to get on your good side before showing their true colors. They want you to think they’re saints before letting their demons out and oh boy do they have demons. Pay attention to the words of these kinds of narcissists at some point their words will fail to match their actions and that will be your red flag.

2. The Hardworking Mask

This mask is worn by narcissists who want you to see just how much work their willing to do. They want to win you over by allowing you to see just how driven and successful they are. They know that seeing them shine in the manner that they do shine will win you over more than anything else. They might always act as if they are very busy but still seem willing to make time for you. If you notice someone doing this to you, pay attention to the other things the put on the table.

3. The Broken Mask

This kind of mask is worn by a narcissist who wants to play with your emotions. He or she will want you to come and save him or her. You will be drawn in by their sadness and from there they will begin to use you in any way they can. Try to consider whether you’re being taken advantage of and go from there, chances are you’ll notice it if you look hard enough.

4. The Victim Mask

This kind of mask is very similar to the broken one but more-so personal. The narcissist who wears this mask will make it seem as though you have seriously wronged him/her even if you haven’t really done anything bad to them. They will play up something to the point where they can get you to spend some time with them and from there try to weasel their way into your life. 

5. The Rescuer Mask

The narcissist who wears this mask claims he or she just wants to save you from the things in your life that are bringing you down. He or she will come in and sweep you off of your feet, make you feel like everything is finally looking up. When you tell them they’re doing too much they will disagree and laugh but at some point, they will start asking for favors from you as paying them back and from there things go south quickly.

6. The Lover Mask

The narcissist that wears this kind of mask will come in like a knight in shining armor and really make you feel like you’ve found true love. They will do everything you could ever want and more, but they will also start trying to get you to stop being around people you care about and try to change small things about you at first. The more clear it becomes that you’re ‘not enough’ for this person the more clear it should also become that they are true narcissists underneath all that fakery.

7. The Top Tier Mask

The kind of narcissist that wears this kind of mask is one that you cannot ignore. These kinds of narcissists make themselves known and show off as if they are the most important people in the world. They come into your life and really make you feel like you deserve all that they have and from there try to give it to you in bits and pieces. They string you along never truly letting you see things as they are. These kinds of narcissists are just using you for your physical body and do not deserve your efforts.