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When it comes to the ‘stages’ or ‘levels’ of awakening, you will see a lot of different perspectives on what the process itself may be like. To be completely honest, no two awakening experiences are the same.

Awakening experiences are completely unique to each and every individual so my experience may be nothing like yours and vice versa. That being said, I have found that the following list of levels can come in handy. While our orders may be a bit different and some levels may hold more for you than they did me being aware of them can and will help you grow.

Do not take this as a ‘set in stone’ guide to go by but instead treat it as a cheat sheet so to speak, it is something you can use to see where you may be on your path to becoming truly awakened. We can all gain a lot from being as educated as possible and yet open-minded.

The 7 Levels of Becoming ‘Awakened’:

1. The Sleeping State

This is where most begin but not all. It is the state of existing and not really questioning anything. At this state, we are mostly children or teens but once we grow older we move forward usually. That being said, this state can be for any age, I know some people in their later years still going through life as if they are sleeping.

2. The False Self

This level is a bit tricky, it is the point where you are learning more and more but not questioning anything. You are going with the flow but still trying to somewhat find yourself. This is a state of negative energy that a lot of us get stuck in. If you find yourself here you will be following false gurus and possibly ignoring those who are trying to help you on your journey.

3. The Questioner

This is a level most people really enjoy. You are now questioning things and learning that nothing in life is truly constant. You are finding soul connections and reconnecting with people from your ‘soul family.’ You are no longer stuck following those who only wish to profit from your path and you are working towards something amazing.

4. The Traveler

A lot of people find that their journey takes them far from home. For some this level is non-existent. It just depends on the person and where they are going spiritually in life. In order to find yourself, sometimes, you don’t have to leave your backyard.

5. The Learning Soul

Once you have been through the other stages you will feel as if you have learned a lot because you have. We never stop learning and reflecting on those things you have learned is a level in itself. You just have to remember what you have learned and why you have come so far.

6. The Resolution Stage

You have let go of everything that was holding you back and are resolving the problems that occur in your life without letting them take over your mind. Your brain is operating at a level that most people never see. Your emotions are no longer in control of your being and you are in the seat of your soul.

7. The Truly ‘Awakened’

This point is one that a lot of people will also never see. It is the moment when you realize that no one is ever truly awakened. It is when you peak but also understand that no one is ever done learning. You are intuitively connected with the universe and aware of that but also able to remain in this physical world for the remainder of your life. Most people live hundreds of lives over before they ever see this level and some are not so lucky.