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In this world, there are tons of different kinds of narcissists. While we know how to spot some of them, not all of them are as easy to catch.

Narcissism is something that has become quite the issue in this day and age. There are tons of narcissistic people all around us and while we might distance ourselves from them, sometimes we find ourselves far closer than we want to be with certain kinds. Narcissists are not what they’re made out to be on the TV screen, sure some can act pretty similar but others are much more covert in their actions. 

Below I am going to go over the different kinds of narcissists that appear to be most abundant in the world right now. If you find yourself putting too much time and effort into these kinds of narcissists they will only let you down. Stop feeding connections that are not willing to do anything for you.

7 Different Kinds Of Narcissist:

1. The Sensual Seductor Narcissist

This narcissist is much more seductive than the rest. He or she will use that charm to any advantage that can be found. The more you try to get away from them the more that charm comes out. They are sensual and seductive in every possible sense of both words.

2. The Vulnerable Victim Narcissist

This narcissist is a very vulnerable type of person or at least that’s what they want you to think. They are always turning things around on the people in their lives and playing the victim.  They try to make it seem as though they’re letting people in even if they’re not, they force you to fall into the trap of their control.

3. The Co-Dependent Closet Narcissist

This narcissist is one that we don’t see as often. They hold many of the traits of your average narcissist but are also quite co-dependent on the person or people that they are closest to. While they think they’re better than everyone else they still need those people in their lives. This kind of narcissist can be extremely volatile.

4. The Know It All Narcissist

This narcissist is the one that tries to make it seem as though he or she knows everything. They are never wrong and will go to extremes to prove as such. Oftentimes the people in their lives will give up even when they know they’re right just to calm down this kind of narcissist.

5. The Aggressive Narcissist

This narcissist is one that chances are you’ve seen before whether firsthand or not. He or she is very aggressive and has to have everything his or her way. You have to do what they want otherwise they become irate.

6. The Cocky Covert Narcissist

This narcissist is a very interesting type of narcissist. He or she is cocky but also covert in his or her actions. This kind of narcissist tends to come across in a very passive-aggressive way and hides that narcissistic side quite well. Chances are if you have a secret narcissist in your life they belong to this type of narcissist.

7. The Oppressive Professional Narcissist

This narcissist is one that undermines the people around him or her big time. You never realize what’s happening while it’s happening but after the fact, you begin to pick up on things. These kinds of narcissists don’t care who they hurt they do what they have to do to get their way.