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The truth is, sometimes you just can’t let go. This is something that affects many people in the world, and for most people, it just isn’t your fault!

Are you a person who just can’t seem to move on? Looking to astrology can tell you can tell you if you’re someone who is prone to holding onto the past, or if you are the person who lives without regret.

The past just seems to have a way of creeping up on you, just when you think you have gotten rid of it. You always seem to blame yourself and wonder what you did wrong. Why can’t I seem to move on? Well, it might not be your fault!

Your zodiac sign has a lot to do with how well you deal with your past and the ways that you grow from it. It could be something simple like a breakup or relationships. Something silly like that thing you said to your mother, a friend or stranger that made you feel hurt or embarrassed. Or perhaps something serious like the death of a friend or loved one.

No matter what kind of baggage you have, it might be because of your star sign. Learning whether this is you can help you figure out how to move on. Is your sign on the list?


You are a complicated person tries their hardest to look to the future, because you are not ashamed of your past. The problem is, instead of facing your problems you just shove them to the back of your mind and never let yourself move on. You have to take a moment and face your problems rather than trying to move on immediately, or they will continue coming back to haunt you.


Virgo’s are strong-willed people who have a good eye for detail, but your attention to detail could be the exact thing that is holding you back. Virgos are also extremely analytical and can take analyzing the past too far. You replay events in your head over and over again trying your best to come up with a different outcome if you just would have done that one thing differently.

You have to take a moment and let yourself breathe. Remember that you cannot change the past, you can only learn from it. Let yourself move on, you deserve that!


You have a tendency to struggle with past issues that plague your life in the present. You find yourself bringing up past issues that are not relevant, and will only cause more issues. You feel like people don’t understand you and why you keep bringing up these issues from the past because you feel like dwelling on a situation helps you to grow from it. You find yourself reflecting on the past, and you become insecure about having those issues. Remember to take a step back and let yourself learn so that you can let go! Not so that you can keep going over the issued that present themselves to you.


The Pisces struggles with having the victim mentality. You have been wronged many times in the past, you’ve sincerely felt as if you owed an apology or at least acknowledged that you were the victim. You feel like the people in your life do not see your issues as important, and have been told so many times to “just get over it.” Much like the Virgo, the Pisces overthinks everything!

The embarrassing thing you did in high school? You relive it frequently. That thing you said to your friend a year ago? Still on your mind. It is difficult to let yourself grow as a person when you are still bringing up issues that happened in 2001.


Ahhh… the good ole’ Scorpio! Most people know that the Scorpio loves to hold a grudge. The Scorpio has so much trouble letting go of anything, especially if it hurt her or the people around her. In order to move on, you have to learn to forgive. Until you learn to do that there will be no room for self-improvement.


The Libra has a difficult time expressing their feelings and emotions at the times that they need to. You find yourself plagued with the anger and guilt that you were never able to express. You easily fall down a well of self-pity, especially when you start thinking of the past.

In order to move on you have to let go of the issues that you keep bottled up inside. You are holding yourself back on purpose without even realizing it. Don’t focus on the past, think of the future and finally let yourself move forward.

Please remember that everyone has baggage. You can learn from the past, and move on if you just let yourself.