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The spiritual world living parallel to the physical world is vast and very lively! Have you ever thought there was a spiritual entity following you? While it sounds scary, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It might even be a blessing…

The spiritual world is unarguable by this point in time. The metaphysical side of the universe has more than been proven and denying the existence of spiritual entities is no less than ignorant. The spiritual world is not a scary place or a bad thing. There are good spirits that guide us in our everyday lives, such as guardian angels! There are many different types of spiritual beings.

Do you think one might be with you? You might even feel their presence often. Here are the 6 most talked about types of spiritual beings. Also, play the quiz below to figure out what kind of spirit might be following you!

1. Archangels

Archangels can be dated back to thousands of years ago. They are here for a very important purpose and share this purpose with many other spirits. They want to make the world a better place. The care about us and guide us along a positive pathway, just like the guardian angels do.

2. Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are likely one of the most commonly talked about spirit. They are an individual spirit residing in the spiritual world. They can provide an alternative perspective that is of a spiritual nature. They help us see overcoming obstacles and encourage our interconnectedness when we need it most.

3. Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are a lot like the guardian angels, but they provide a nature of service for the entirety of humanity. The try to warn us of negative forces that might persuade us to go down an equally negative path. They guide you on a spiritual path that promotes harmonious living and a healthy relationship with the higher consciousness.

4. Deceased Loved Ones

Deceased Loved Ones are indeed living in the spiritual realm from time to time and they can even appear in our dreams, visions, and intuition. They are different from spiritual guides because they are from your immediate contact during your lifetime.

5. Elemental Spirits

Elemental spirits are said to primarily reside in the physical world. These include fairies, gnomes, plant spirits, and crystal spirits. They are relatives that reside in the wild places such as forests, oceans, lakes, meadows, and mountains.

6. Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are spirit guides who were once alive on Earth. They are old souls and have learned many earthly lessons. They act as a high vibrational guide for certain lessons and situations in which you may need assistance.