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Lately, more and more people have found themselves looking to the stars for answers regarding various facets of their lives. And while it isn’t an exact science, there is no denying how accurately our star signs are able to predict our personality traits, actions, and more…

Some zodiac signs are actually more prone to cheating in relationships or being unfaithful in general. While there are exceptions to this, the traits that make up these signs set them apart from those that would be unwilling to hurt their partners in these kinds of ways. Below I am going to go over some of the most unfaithful zodiac signs and what makes them qualify for this list.

While we should not close ourselves off from these signs, we should be a bit more cautious than we would with the rest. Of course, anyone can break your heart, but these signs might be much more willing to do so. Before continuing on, think about what signs you might expect to make this list, because you might be very surprised.

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While you might not expect the Taurus to be on this list, the Taurus is actually the most likely to cheat.  The Taurus is constantly seeking security and if they aren’t getting what they need in their current relationship, they might seek it out elsewhere. While they are not good at cutting ties, they are good at hiding things. They could be cheating for a long time before you realize it. They are quite passionate and seem to change interests much quicker than you’d expect them to.


The Aries loves power and cheating gives him or her exactly that. They don’t always understand the risks associated and often give in to the temptations before them. Aries are always craving new experiences and love to reinvent themselves so it makes being unfaithful a lot more common for them. That being said, you will almost always sense something is up when their attention shifts.

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The Leo is always looking for the next best thing whether he or she wants to admit it or not. If he or she is not feeling as appreciated or adored unfaithfulness might be the end result. You have to put a lot of time into a relationship with a Leo. While we all can understand that cheating is wrong, our circumstances and frame of mind are the true determining factor in regards to our likelihood of cheating.

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The Gemini is more-so readily available for emotional cheating as opposed to physical cheating but it is still cheating regardless. When their significant other ignores them or makes them feel closed off they will withdrawal and confide in someone new. Because they are very good at hiding things and can basically live double lives with ease, most people don’t realize their Gemini is cheating until it is well down the line.


The Sagittarius will cheat when they are beginning to burn bridges with their partner for good.  He or she will pretend to still want to be with the person that he or she is seeing but then do nothing to hide the cheating. This is because the Sagittarius is not good at making clean breaks. This sign sees cheating as a way out, and they always think something better is out there whether it is or isn’t.


The Cancer might be someone you’d think of as faithful, but he or she can be anything but. They tend to let people close that they shouldn’t and sometimes can get in over their heads before it is all said and done. If they are comfortable in their relationship they won’t even consider cheating but if things are going south, or they learn of a betrayal they will not hesitate to get even.

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