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When it comes to the people of the zodiac there are without a doubt some signs that are a bit more sensitive than the rest. These signs pick up on things that others don’t and as a result, are quite empathic. 

Below I am going to go over the most empathic zodiac signs and what things they hold within that make them come across in such a manner. While not all of these will be expected some of them will hit the nail right on the head. Did your sign make the list?


The Taurus is already a pretty emotional sign. This sign feels things that others do not but also tends to bottle those things inside. The more they do this the worse off things become as a result. 

While they are more tuned in to the world around them when they become overwhelmed with these emotions they lose sight of reality. They try to help everyone and as a result end up helping the wrong people. As a Taurus learning how to keep yourself limited in this sense is crucial for your own well-being.


Gemini people might not always seem empathic to those on the outside looking in, but they care deeply for the people in their lives. When they see someone struggling they make a point to do all they can to help that person. Sure, it hurts them to take on the things others are going through, but they do it out of love.


Those who belong to the sign Cancer are very giving people in general. When they see that someone needs something or even just wants something they go out of their way to make that something happen. This is because they gain happiness by helping others. However, this gets them taken advantage of a lot in their day-to-day lives.


The Virgo is someone who shows empathy through tough love. He or she will always go out of his or her way to help others but also make sure that it is seen in a hardened manner. Because this sign shows their empathic side in a way that most do not, it is often overlooked.


The Aquarius shows empathy in a way that comes across as too much sometimes. Because this sign is very justice-focused and wants to help the world it seems like those born under it take on a lot more than they should. They spend a lot of their time trying to make people happy who will never accept them or be happy with their efforts in the first place.


Pisces people are always going out of their way to make the people around them feel better but often forgetting to take care of themselves. Because they put everyone else first they forget how important their own needs are. If you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to take care of anyone else and the sooner you learn that the better.

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