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We all go through grief at many different points in our lives. It is not something we can avoid and, to be honest, isn’t something we should try to avoid.

Sure, we know that grief can come from someone passing or someone breaking up with us but there is a lot more to it than just that. Grief is a very important part of growing and comes in more forms than most people are aware of. Below I am going to go over some of the more common forms of grief that people tend to forget about, these are things that chances are you know all too well.

The 6 Main Types Of Grief and How To Face Them:

1. Secondary Loss

This kind of grief is one of the worst in my opinion as it is something that usually catches us off guard. Basically, secondary loss is when loss impacts more than one area of your life. You might lose someone but then that loss turns into a domino effect and before you know it you’ve lost everything. Holding yourself together during times like this is extremely hard.

2. Distorted Grief

This kind of grief is the kind of grief that comes stemming after some kind of intense or extreme loss. It comes with anger and hostility that most people cannot handle. This is the form of grief that many consider hard to handle.

3. Anticipatory Grief

This kind of grief is a bit interesting as it is the grief you feel before something has happened. For instance, if your mother is sick and on the verge of losing her life, you feel grief over the chance that she might not be someone you ever see again. This kind of grief is confusing and quite heart-breaking to see or experience.

4. Masked Grief

This kind of grief is a bit confusing for those on the outside looking in as it is one that makes the person feeling it unable to function properly. They are feeling down and going through things that they themselves are unable to address. People with this kind of grief need a lot of one on one time to get things out and find the root of their issues.

5. Absent Grief

This kind of grief is basically something a person ends up with when they cannot let the things they’re feeling sink in. They carry on as if nothing is bothering them and it could last for months or even longer like this. Eventually, something will hit them hard but chances are you won’t notice it unless you are standing in his or her shoes when the moment finally becomes ‘real.’

6. Chronic Grief

This form of grief is the kind of grief we feel after someone has passed on and is no longer in this world. We shut down and are unable to move forward. You might completely refuse to accept what has happened and throw yourself into the thought of this person. The pain this grief brings is hard to get over.

All of this aside, grief is not going to be crippling to you forever. Knowing how to move forward is important for when you are ready to do so. The video below will provide you with all you need when it comes to tips for getting things back to normal, life goes on whether you want it to or not. Getting back out there is something you must do, make yourself proud.