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While romance isn’t enough for all of us, some of us are ready to settle down and create lives of our own with people who matter to us. As we move through December and the last few weeks of 2019 it becomes more and more apparent that there are some people who are truly ready to really form a real union with one another.

Moving into 2020 there will be some zodiac signs who are forced to slow down and rethink things while others will be diving into whatever it is they see fit. Below I am going to go over some zodiac signs who are destined to build something real this time around. While you might not be expecting it, these signs are creative in ways that most people are not.


As an Aries love is not something you’re often looking for in life but as 2020 approaches, it will find you. Romance is in the air and a real relationship is headed your way. After making the time necessary to spend with someone who ignites the flames of your heart, long-term connections are very possible and likely.


As a Taurus, you’re more inclined to find relationships appealing. You do not spend much time single as is and are usually quite interested in people who think outside of the box. If love is what you want, make your own emotions a priority and see where things take you.


Since you’re a Leo, there is no denying the intensity that comes with you and the concept of being in a relationship with you. You’re someone that cannot be ignored and you don’t like having to deal with things that are not planned out properly. The more you get to know one another the more you will realize you actually have more than you’d assume in common. The more vulnerable you become with each other the more clear things become in regards to just how long they will last.


As a Libra, you are someone who tends to look for the worst in others and so finding someone who brings out the best in you is not going to be easy but it will allow you to really come to terms with how necessary a partner is for you in life. You like to take things a bit too seriously and this can hold you back sometimes but once you’ve found someone who really gets you it won’t matter. The coming year could be a great one for expanding your horizons.


As a Capricorn, the year 2020 is going to be quite adventurous for you. You’re going to break things down with people who you might not speak to frequently and really give yourself a chance to open up properly before letting new people in all the while creating the perfect atmosphere for a budding romance. You might not see it just yet but as 2020 unfolds, you’re going to be falling head over heels for a close friend.