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As you may be aware, Mercury is going retrograde very soon. Sure, it’s still a little ways off but the energies around us are growing and many of us are picking up on them. 

This retrograde is going to be a very positive one and many of us are actually going to be benefiting off of it in ways we might not be expecting. It is much less hectic than the retrogrades we tend to see coming from Mercury and as a result, we will all be gaining a sense of comfort.  

Now, this retrograde means something different for each of us, but we may end up gaining some similar benefits to one another. We will be finding more success overall and perhaps even working through emotional things we otherwise would struggle with. The more we allow these energies to work in our lives, the better.

Below I am going to go over some of the zodiac signs that may end up being more influenced by this event than the rest. If your sign makes this list, don’t be too worried. These energies are going to be intense but worthwhile.


For Gemini people, this retrograde will make your decisions even harder. You’re going to be at a crossroads with seemingly everything and the more you think things through the clearer your path will become. Sure, you’re always on your toes about the things you do but this you need to be even more careful about. While you carry a lot of negative emotions with you they should not be ruling your life. 


For Cancer people, this retrograde is going to bring a lot of things to your mind that you otherwise would not be thinking about. It will be a good chance for you to think things through and really come to terms with the fact that some of the people you think are important aren’t as important as you might have thought. Perhaps now is your chance to look at the intentions of others rather than focusing on your own intentions.


For Leo people, this retrograde is going to give them the chance to begin again. They’re going to be seeing things in a new light and opening their minds more than ever. Perhaps now is your chance to let someone else take the spotlight for a little while so that you can have a break you didn’t know you needed.


For Scorpio people, this retrograde is going to make you question a lot of things. You’re going to feel overwhelmed and on edge seemingly the whole time. This makes you want to nurture those around you more and may bring out the side of you that struggles with processing. Do your best to remain grounded and let things go if they’re overwhelming.


For Aquarius people, this retrograde is going to show you a path you might not have thought to go down before. You’re going to be changing in a lot of different ways and for the better at that. I know, this might sound scary but as you progress you will realize quickly that you’re working towards something that will fulfill your life.