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For some, the thought of two full moons may sound intense, but this moon is sure to be far more powerful than the last. And while this may be a wonderful sequence of events for some zodiac signs, there are others that will truly struggle during this time. During the first Aquarius full moon, the rebellious nature of Aquarius fought tooth and nail against the disciplined energy of Saturn – which ultimately muted much its shine.

But, for the upcoming full moon in Aquarius, happening on August 22nd, this most definitely will not be the case. While Saturn likes to play by the rules, the upcoming Aquarius moon will end up ditching the energy of Saturn and replacing it with Jupiter, who quite frankly likes to take things up a few notches.

And if your sign falls under one of the following, you might need to properly prepare yourself to act accordingly.

1. Taurus

A job or project you have worked diligently on is soon going to come to an end. It may be difficult to not let this take you down- but rather than getting caught up on the ending aspect of it all, it may be helpful to view this as a new opportunity for growth. And new opportunities are on the way. As with the theme of the Tarot’s death card – this ending is not permanent, and instead is a period of transformation.

2. Cancer

Cancer signs will take a hit financially during this full moon. Rather than trying to scramble to borrow the funds – wait it out. While it may be hard to see, you will have a chance to correct the hit with unexpected funds that will soon come your way. Take this as a restart.

3. Leo

You may be starting to see your partner or love interest in a new light, in which all their flaws begin to shine through. Try to not be so negative and readjust your perspectives to focus on the aspects about them, you love most.

4. Aquarius

Oddly enough, the full moon in Aquarius will not be easy for those who fall under the sign. Aquarians may find themselves struggling in their love lives and feeling as though they have lost all control. The good part about this is that the tug of war that is taking place within their heart will ultimately push them to take back their power. Just be careful not to get too controlling, as that could do more harm than good.

5. Pisces

Pisces is going through a journey of healing wounds from the past. And that healing unfortunately may not come without a price. In turn, Pisces may notice some of their relationships coming to a halt. I wouldn’t consider that a loss, though, because the friends that are really there for you won’t abandon you during your growth.