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The zodiac has been used for eons to help people plan and understand the future, based on patterns associated between the stars, planets, etc., and the nature of human beings. And whether you believe it or not, it can tell you a lot about the upcoming month and what to expect.

In order to get a better perspective, it helps to understand the elemental signs and how they correlate to each sign of the zodiac. Each of us are in a category, and depending upon which category you have you may or may not have a good time during different parts of the transits of the stars/planets.

With that being said, the 3 earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus) along with 2 lucky water signs, are going to have the best month EVER! Are you one of them?


Taurus, I’m looking at you- this month is going to rock for you, because it’s your month to shine. As we are now in your sign, you are going to be channeling some mad energy. And your love for indulgences will be truly awakened, as summer, heat and intensity are all on the same wavelength. So channel that energy and shine, Taurus.


In the previous year, you have had it rough, but thankfully, things are getting better. However, your hard work should finally pay off this month, allowing you to bask in the benefits of all that dedication and difficult times.


Now is the time to take risks, if you are going to take any. So get ready, and like the Fool in the tarot, take that leap of faith. Let your guides push you safely, and watch yourself land on the ground on all fours. Or so to speak.


Mars will move into Cancer this month, highlighting family life, friendship, and communications with those that mean the most to you. Cancer signs are fearfully loyal to the ones they love, so this will give you ample opportunity to bask in those opportunities.


As you have felt a bit out of place for the past month, your energy will come back into perspective. You are going to be feeling more in tune with your emotional side due to the intense emotional clarity of Venus and Mars.