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As you may know, there will be a new moon on the 16th of October. This new moon will be in the sign Libra and it’s really going to be mixing things up.

This moon is all about power and really working towards getting the things we want. I know, that might sound vague but if you’re already feeling these energies, you know what I mean. This moon will bring us all to be more competitive, determined, and honestly a bit more aggressive in how we handle things.

Below I am going to go over some zodiac signs that will be the most affected by this moon and what this moon holds for those signs. If you do not make this list, don’t assume that means you’re not going to be affected at all. We are all affected by things like this in our own ways.


For the Aries, this full moon will really bring things to a new level. For a while now you’ve been all over the place and while you are getting a lot done, you’re also holding yourself back in ways you shouldn’t be. The energies heading your way are going to help you find the confidence you’ve been lacking.


Cancer people during this new moon might not end up feeling as free as they would want to. Things have not been as they should be lately and this moon will be a harsh reminder for you of times you need to work through. You need to find a sense of inner peace and well, that’s not going to be easy. Sure, you’re influenced a lot by this moon and in a positive way but not all good things play out as we want them to.


For the Virgo, this new moon will really kick things off. You will feel like it’s time for you to go out and have fun but holding back is important during times like these. Yes, you have a lot on your mind but you are more than capable of working things out without damaging the connection you have with others.


Libra people are often very powerful in how they move through life. You because of this new moon will be gaining another chance. The mistakes you’ve made will be owned up to and your past will no longer be able to haunt you. Working to find balance has and will continue to pay off for you in life and in love.


As a Sagittarius, you’re likely someone who reads others well. You tend to focus a lot on one person and then jump-ship. I know, romance is not easy but trying to hold your own is important. You never know how someone feels unless you try, this moon will keep you on your ties, that’s for sure.,-117&text=The%20Libra%20new%20moon%20on,abuse%20of%20power%20and%20authority.