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While some of us may fight on the daily with our partners, others try to resolve their issues peacefully. And your zodiac sign has a lot to do with which category you may fall under.

Are you a fighter? Or do you remain peaceful. Take a peek below two see how accurate yours is. You might be surprised.


The free spirited Aquarius refuses to have an all out fight with their lover. While they may fight for many things, they choose to keep their relationships peaceful. Of course, they may get annoyed with you just like anyone else, however, in the long run, they will make it all a big joke, and then it’s over, they weather the storm, and move on.


Libras are the sign of peace, balance, and harmony. With that being said, they usually tend to keep the peace. And with that, they are more so oriented to resolve conflict rather than encourage it.


While Capricorn may be a bit high-strung, or tightly wound, they are usually uncomfortable with any type of conflict. For them, it’s either solve the problem, or move on from it. There is no in-between.


Virgo doesn’t care for any type of communication that involves conflict, because they don’t have a tolerance for any sort of negativity. They aren’t good at showing how they feel, and they are usually quite grounded and practical.


While they are on the emotional side of the spectrum, Pisces doesn’t care for arguing with their partner. They might get a bit cynical, but in the long run, they will resolve the argument and move on. And then eventually, they will just let it go, because they are lovers, not fighters.

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