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While the month of April is going alright for most of us, some signs are going to be much more irritable and stressed than the rest. From now until the beginning of May, some of us are really going to be trying hard to figure out how to make it through and lashing out is bound to happen even if we don’t want it to.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that are going on with the zodiac signs we should be avoiding right now. If you belong to any of these signs remember to be as strong as possible and understand that what you’re going through is something you can get through. The harder you work the further you will get in life, you can and will do great things.

The 5 Zodiac Signs Everyone Needs To Avoid Until May:


Cancer’s are facing a lot of loss in their lives right now. They are going through a lot of problems that they cannot explain right now. They might seem as if they’re holding themselves together properly but on the inside, they are shattered. They need time to get back to normal and heal on a deeper level. While you might want to be by their side, they need to be alone for once.

(If you are a Cancer, remember how important letting go is.)


You don’t want to piss off a Virgo right now. Virgos are really stressing about where their future is headed. While some of them seem to have everything and others seem to be quite lost, they are all working towards something that they feel they need.

They are going to be much more agitated and willing to speak their minds which you might not be able to handle. Allow them to reach out to you before you move towards them. They should be approached with caution.

(If you are a Virgo, try to relax as best you can.)


For now, you should avoid the Sagittarius’ in your life. They are going through a period of confusion that isn’t going to be dying down quickly. They do not know what they want and distancing yourself from them will help them to see whether you are someone they want to move forward with or not. This could be romantically or even just as friends, let them clear their minds.

(If you are a Sagittarius, think before you speak.)


Don’t go out of your way to do nice things for any Capricorns right now. They are under a lot of pressure and do not want to be distracted. While you might think you’re helping, you’re not. Sometimes, your intentions are not as beneficial as you may want them to be.

(If you’re a Capricorn, try not to be so hard on the people you care for. They are only trying to make your life easier.)


Pisces are going to be doing more for the people in their lives right now but the truth is, they’re the ones in need. Putting some space between the two of you is going to help them to see just how important self-care is and how neglected they’ve been allowing themselves to get. This might hurt a good bit but it will really turn things around once May reaches us.

(If you are a Pisces, don’t forget your own needs anymore.)