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There are tons of different kinds of people in the world and some of those people are really great but not all of them are. Whether someone has helped you grow, held you back, or just showed you something you needed to see they might be worth remembering properly.

Below I am going to go over some of the different kinds of people you should above all else work to keep in your mind on some level. Sure, it might not seem like it, but we are brought to lessons through the people we are around in this life. Be it the difficult people or those who make life easier, we are being offered so much more than we tend to stop and really take in.

5 Types of People You Should Never Forget:

1. The people who help you when you’re down

We should not forget those who are there for us in our times of need. When we are at our worst these people are there for us. They are the ones who we lean on and find comfort in. Without these people getting through the ‘downs’ this world puts before us would be much more monumental.

2. The people who use you and leave you with nothing

We should not forget those who use us and leave us in a bad position. While we should work to cut people like this out of our lives, we shouldn’t cut them from our minds. Remembering their presence is a way for us to remind ourselves that not everyone in our lives has the best intentions. If they are only trying to gain from you and then bite the dust, don’t hesitate to remove them from your inner circle.

3. The people who truly listen to you

We should not forget those who actually hear us out. Our words are powerful and yet most people refuse to hear them. The people who care enough to listen to our feelings and take our thoughts into consideration should never leave our minds.

4. The people who only come around when they need something

We should not forget that there are people who only come around when they need something. These people are what most refer to as ‘fair-weather friends’ They only come around when it is convenient for them and when they know you have something to offer them. They refuse to give but expect you to share all you have for free.

5. The people who teach you tough lessons

We should not forget the people who teach us the hardest lessons in life. Sometimes these people are positive figures and other times they are not but regardless they help us to grow and become better versions of ourselves. These people will come and go time and time again but the effects they leave us with are everlasting.

When you think about these five kinds of people do specific individuals come to mind? I know personally, I have a few for each category within my memories and current life. Are you keeping those who belong in your mind within it properly?