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The world of spiritual progress is one that comes in many stages. While it might not seem like you’re getting anywhere, the progress you are making is changing who you are as a human.

As we move through life, we move through different stages of spiritual transformation. While many do not end up reaching stage 5, many try very hard. When we are born into this life we come in at different stages and so some people might have to try much harder than others depending on how much progress was made in their past lives.

Each stage we make it through changes who we are on a sacred level. The cycle in which we live is not as simple as you might think. The more you learn the stronger you become. Embracing your spiritual side will truly pay off in the end. Take a peek below to figure out which stage you are on in your spiritual journey.

The 5 Stages Of Spiritual Transformation:

Stage #1: Obedience

This is the lowest stage and the most frustrating to those who are at other stages. When we are at this stage we are moving along as if nothing is wrong and simply going about our lives sticking to the status quo. We do not question anything and are more than willing to stay within the small box that others have placed us in.

This stage is one that we struggle to truly break out of. At this stage, we are bored with our lives but also not willing to move forth. We just don’t know what to do with ourselves.

Stage #2: Challenge

This stage is one that a lot of people begin their lives at. It is the stage of challenges and really breaking free. When we are at this stage we do not want to go along with the status quo, we want freedom and true happiness. We are not as willing to accept things so quickly and are more aware of ourselves.

Stage #3: Question

At this stage, we will begin questioning everything. We will not accept anything without giving it some thought beforehand. The more you question things the more you will learn. Through this, you will work to figure out who you are and who you want to be. We all struggle at this stage but not in the ways most people would assume.

Stage #4: Dwelling

When we get to the stage of dwelling we sometimes fall victim to the negative sides of this world. This stage is hard to get through but necessary. During your time at this stage, you will reflect and really obsess over all that you’ve found.

The more time you spend here the more frustrated you will become. This stage is meant to teach you how to get over things and if you refuse to learn that you will not get far at all. Some people actually go through this stage several times but either way, it is an important stage to face.

Stage #5: Rebirth

This is the last stage of transformation and is the stage at which we have finally found ourselves and become aligned with our higher beings. This stage is one you can achieve when you find yourself and are able to finally see the connection we all have with the world around us. We can only hope to make it this far.

Regardless of where you are right now, the more effort you put forth the further you will get. You are capable of so much more than you think.