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As you may know, there is a full moon coming up very soon. This full moon will be in Scorpio and is set to take place on the night of the 18th.

This full moon is going to be one that packs a powerful punch so with that some signs will be affected much more than others. Some signs will be affected negatively and others will be pushed upward towards something they might not have even realized they were needing in life. The way we handle the energies to come can and will define a lot of things as we move forward.

Below I am going to go over the signs that will be feeling far more emotional than usual. These signs will be getting a taste of something they have not experienced in a long time. For some, this will be a huge turning point and for others, it might be ‘too much.’ Continue forth to see if your sign made the list.


Usually, you do your best to ignore your gut and move forth with the things that you know will get you where you need to be but during the time this full moon is holding power, you will be pulled towards something new. You’re going to be working to follow your heart more and really trying your best to find a way to overcome your own mind. These energies will have you feeling as if there is a lot of pressure weighing you down, remember to remain as strong as possible during this time.


During the time that this full moon is influencing you, you’re going to be rethinking friendships and cutting ties with people you never thought you would. In these moments to come, you will be learning how important it is to really put yourself out there and do the things you want to do. You will no longer be seen as the person you have outgrown.


This full moon is going to have you all kinds of upset but with good reason. You’re usually far too willing to give your own wellbeing away. You do not take care of yourself properly and it’s finally coming to your attention. Do what you feel needs to be done.


You cannot run anymore, this full moon is going to ground you out in the best possible ways. You should work to become as comfortable as you can in each moment because they’re about to really heat up. You are not usually the kind to allow yourself to experience the negative side of things and that is about to change.


Hiding your emotions hasn’t helped you in the past but yet you continue to do it. This full moon is about to have you on edge and ready to explode. If you do not address the issues before you and work through them, you’re going to end up way in over your head. You should never bottle the things that make you who you are, express yourself.