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Every 28 days, the moon goes through a full cycle from new to full, and each aspect of the moon’s full cycle is filled with spiritual significance. The most powerful part of the moon’s cycle is when it reaches full, and it’s during that time that we are all most affected, although some feel it more than others.

Each full moon falls under a different sign of the zodiac, and the upcoming January full wolf moon, which takes place on January 17 will fall under the watery sign of Cancer. Full moons are already a deeply emotional time, in which many of us are pushed to reflect from a place of self-awareness and intuition. With Cancer being a water sign, this full moon is going to be particularly more intense than usual, causing us all to get into our feelings quite a bit.

And while we will all be affected in some way, 5 zodiac signs will feel the intensity far more than others.


This full moon will be especially intense for you, causing you to withdraw and reflect in a very deep way. While you are going to feel pushed to heal, don’t rush the process and remember, the past few years have been difficult. You cannot expect to overcome all your hurdles at once, but you do have to start somewhere.


During this full moon, you will feel a push to retreat to your home and family, which in many ways will be beneficial, but the nostalgia of it all can be bittersweet. Sense, for the most part, you have kept yourself busy outside of the home, returning can reopen some old wounds and cause you to ruminate on the past. Be wary not to get stuck in your head.


Since this full moon is falling under your sign, you are most definitely going to be feeling it more intensely than others. And while in many ways this can be a good thing, it’s important to focus on yourself and self-care. One of the best parts of having this moon fall under your sign is that it will allow for introspection on a whole new level.


While typically, you like to keep things light and fun, there comes a time when you must slow down and take a pause and contemplate life from a serious standpoint. You may feel more motivated to look back at your life, and all the circumstances which brought you to your present, and in doing so, you may be faced with some intense emotions. Don’t be afraid to face these emotions head-on, they will push you to grow.


Lately, you’ve been feeling blocked, and the closer we get to the full moon, the more motivated you are going to feel to remove the blocks that stand in your way and push forward. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments and to use inner reflection to help you find peace with your circumstances and grow from within.