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As most of us know, Mercury is currently retrograding, and for a lot of us that has things feeling mixed up in huge ways. While this might not be something everyone takes seriously, some signs will be affected more than others.

Below I am going to go over the five zodiac signs that should be expecting the most from Mercury’s current retrograde period as Valentine’s Day comes forth. While this might be the month of love, for you it could be all over the place, to say the least. I, for one, am glad my sign isn’t on the list, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get off without having to deal with some of the things this retrograde brings forth.


Mercury’s retrograde energies are going to have you feeling the tension now more than ever. Things are not going to be great going into the holiday itself and well, that could make the mood much less romantic than you would like for it to be. You should be thinking things through before you say them, in some situations picking your battles wisely could seriously come in handy.


Mercury’s retrograde at the moment is going to have your Valentine’s day feeling a bit odd. You’re going to have to be more willing to speak your mind and to hear the thoughts of those closest to you if you want to make things work. Holding back right now is going to do serious damage in your relationship.


This retrograde is going to have you feeling pretty lonely. You’ve made a lot of bad decisions this year in the short time it’s been present and that’s going to kill any romantic mood you wanted to set. While you could save things and bring yourself closer to your partner, it’s going to take a lot of diving within on your part.


This Mercury retrograde is going to have you thinking too much and perhaps in a bad way. You need to stop focusing on the people who are no longer in your life and spending some of your time and efforts on those who actually care about you. I know, this time of year is always hard for you, but you need to work through these issues if you want something real.


Your Valentine’s Day might not begin as you had planned for it to but all in all yours will be great if you work through the problems before you. You’re going to be opening up in ways you never thought you would and it will do wonders for your connection with those closest to you. Reach out more and see where you end up.