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We all know that the zodiac gives us secrets about the universe and ourselves, revealing strange truths about our personalities. But, did you know that your zodiac sign can also determine the way in which we carry out our affairs in our relationships?

Actually, our zodiac sign has a lot to say about the type of lover we are. And while some of us may be grabbing in the air for sensual energy, there are others that naturally just ooze with it. And if you are unsure of where you, or someone you love lands, then perhaps you should check out this list. Most of them are water signs, but the other two, were a little more randomly created this way. Did you make the list?

1. Cancer

Cancer signs are notorious for their emotional qualities, and for their passion, and it is this very passion that makes them the sensual creatures that they are. While they love with all they have, that isn’t exactly all they do with that same passion!

2. Scorpio

Scorpios are quite intense, but, they are also very loyal. It is that loyalty that drives them to fall into this category, as that immense passion and loyalty also causes them to be perceived as one of the most sensual zodiac signs, and you wouldn’t be wrong for perceiving them that way.

3. Libra

Libra is the fair and balanced sign of the zodiac, known for people pleasing to no end. And while they may spend their days trying to fight for underdog, they spend their evenings a little differently. And let’s just say that their partner’s probably can’t complain.

4. Pisces

Pisces are quite attuned to other people. They are so good at sensing the needs of others, in fact, that they can often pick up on the needs of those they care for most. If you are a partner of a Pisces, it isn’t likely that you will be left unsatisfied with your sensual endeavors.

5. Aries

Aries is such an ambitious sign, with endless creativity and stubborn-willed force that is enough to tackle anything they put their minds to. With that being said, behind closed doors, they can be sensual to a fault. Think about it: if they put that much effort into their daily activities, imagine what they do in the night?