If you’ve been wondering which zodiac signs are the kind to take our hearts with them when they leave, look no further. The zodiac signs listed below are hard to get over and almost always leave you wanting them back.

While they might not be the people you need to be with, they are the ones you want to be with. This is because of how they move through their relationships and how they end things once all is said and done. While some offer closure, others leave you wishing that you could figure out where things went wrong.


The Scorpio loves the hardest and because of how close they let those they trust get, moving on from them is extremely hard. You will realize how important they are when it is too late and well, second chances are not something this sign tends to do. That passion will be burned in the back of your mind long after things have come to an end.


The Sagittarius will show you all you could ever want in life and love but then change their mind overnight. It’s like they want you one minute and then the next they don’t even know who you are. Because of this, they tend to make the worst partners but when they move on, you still find yourself wishing you could have tied down the person they were before things shifted.


Virgos are so all over the place that when you pin one down you feel on top of the world. It’s like they want to make you feel great all the while judging you at the same time. You never know what to expect from them but once you finally let them in, everything runs so smoothly. Their sensitive side will leave you wishing you could have more if things don’t work out but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to smack them when you think about the crap they’ve put you through.


Geminis are so fun and always make you feel like you’re with someone who wants to be with you. They might come across as insensitive sometimes but they really understand you and that’s not something you can say about most others. When they leave you behind, it stings more than most want to admit and even worse because they still try to be friends.

Do you belong to any of these signs and if so how many of your exes do you think have you on their minds right now? All of this having been said, if one of these signs has left you behind, you shouldn’t be too upset in time you will find someone who cares for you more than you could ever imagine, while it’s hard you will someday be able to get over them.

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