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May is a beautiful month, filled with flowers, and ‘May showers’ and sunshine, but while that is true for some of us, it isn’t true for everyone. In fact, some zodiac signs are going to have one hell of a month during May this year.

But before you get too worried, it isn’t the end of the world you will just be a little out of your element, that’s all. Not to mention that while the zodiac is quite accurate, there are differentiations and other factors to take into account, that could change how you are affected during this time.

For example, we each have a moon sun, a sun sign, and a rising sun. All of which are helpful to understand. And you can read more on that here. With that being said, are you ready to find out your fate?


Cancer, you are going to feel a bit like a prisoner during May, making it a good time to reassess your life, and what has taken place over the past few months. What wisdom can you take, and what can you leave behind? Meditate on this during the month, and seek positive guidance from your guides. 


For Virgos, May is going to be frustrating, because their minds are on overdrive due to previous celestial events, like the double Libra full moons in Aries, and especially with the Mercury retrograde. Take this time to sit back, and continue your quest for truth in June, which will provide more opportunity for this, as you will return to your element.


Similar to Virgo, you are going to be dealing with a lot in May, but more specifically, you will be dealing with uncertainty. This in turn will make you feel lost, because you are quite used to feeling certain of yourself. Try to make yourself more transparent this month, and open yourself up to others. It will help immensely.


If you don’t play your cards just right during the month of May, you may find yourself spinning out of control financially. Try to focus on using new resources, and invest wisely. Perhaps, guidance is in order from a professional.