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Each zodiac sign has a lot of different traits, and some of those traits are quite conflicting. However, depending on your sign it might be more obvious than you think. There are positive and negative but the two work together with one another.

Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and the different conflicting traits they have. These things are both strengths and weaknesses depending on how you use them. Being aware of these things within yourself will benefit you greatly.


You are courageous and strong which are great traits to have but when it comes down to serious things you are far more stubborn than most people. You are unable to give up on anything without an intense fight, so I guess you’re basically a broken record in this aspect.


You are reliable and kind to most everyone you come across. You are always willing to help those who are in need and this makes you a great person for the most part. That being said, you are lazy and overly interested in material things.


You are smart and adjustable, to say the least. There is a lot more going on in your mind than most people realize and communicating is something you excel at. However, you are a very inconsistent person, you are for the most part superficial and not very compassionate at all.


You are someone who cares deeply about the people in your life. You are always doing what you can for them even if it means letting them walk all over you. This is not good as it gets you far too attached to the way things are and the past in general. You are an emotional rollercoaster in more ways than you realize.


You are successful and determined but the fact that you are so annoying and egotistical outweighs that big time. You are someone who is far too demanding.


You are smart and often operate with a clear mind but that isn’t enough. The fact that you are so hidden behind that wall of stone really puts people off. You are far more fragile than you are willing to admit.


You are very responsible and willing to put the energy into things to make them work. This, however, conflicts with your resenting and judging personality. You are someone who is unable to overcome the ego.


You are very sensitive which is something most people don’t realize about you. You are often hiding your own emotions to try and not get hurt but in the end, what will happen happens. Your opposing side is the side of revenge. You become filled with anger and hate far too easily.


You are an adventurous person, to say the least. Moving from one place to the next is something you feel compelled to do. Your greatest weakness is your inability to find the focus that you seek. You cannot settle down until something is resolved within.


You are patient and ambitious. You can plan ahead and really take the steps needed to get you where you are going. The only bad thing about you is that you never really look to your emotions, and you do not properly manage your heart. Everything is set as a means for you to push yourself further, but nothing is meant to help you grow.


You are energetic and capable of shaking this world up big time. You are never boring and everyone loves being around you. That being said, you struggle with truly connecting with those around you. In turn, you may often feel lost.


You are far more imaginative than others. Your creativity truly knows no bounds and you are more than capable of adapting to the world around you. This only conflicts with your insecurities and confusion. You do not see yourself as the rest of this world sees you.

Image via Conscious Reminder