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Have you ever noticed how some signs are better at things than others? Different signs also have different ‘abilities.’

I guess you could call the abilities of each sign ‘magic powers’, but they are a lot more than that. They are things that these signs are good at. Some signs are better at charging crystals than others and some are better at using their intuition than others. It just depends on the person, their sign, and where they are in their life.

Each zodiac sign has magic within whether the person born under that sign is aware of it or not. Take a look below and see what your sign’s ‘ability’ is. Have you ever tried these things? Mine was spot on and I feel several people I know’s were as well.

The 12 Zodiac Signs and Their ‘Magical Abilities’:

Aries: Cleansing Auras

You are able to cleanse the auras of those around you without even realizing it. When you are around others your energies are fast at work making a difference in the auras of others. This is why you often feel tired after a long day of socializing.

Taurus: Making the Impossible Possible

You are able to literally make the impossible possible. You bring a sense of capability to the world like nothing else. You can get things done and that in itself is magical.

Gemini: Dead On Intuition

Your intuition is spot on, and nothing gets past you. When your gut is speaking you listen. This is something that has gotten you out of a lot of sticky situations.

Cancer: Manipulating Energies

You are able to manipulate the energies around you. When you enter a room you know what the energy is going to be like beforehand. Everything just stands out to you.

Leo: Creating Change

You are able to evoke change like no one else. Nothing in your life is ever staying the same. When a change needs to occur you are the person to call, because you make things happen.

Virgo: Transforming Emotions

You are able to lighten any room. When negative emotions are overwhelming someone you can change that. Cheering people up is your forte.

Libra: Telling the Future

You can tell the future sometimes. When something positive is coming you can feel it. It is like the Universe speaks through you.

Scorpio: Reading People

You can sense what others are feeling, and it is like their emotions flood over you like a river. While this can be a bit overwhelming it serves you well.

Sagittarius: Charging Crystals

You are one of the best when it comes to charging crystals. You are able to cleanse them without any outside energies. Your energy in itself is far more pure than most.

Capricorn: Reading Dreams

You are able to read the dreams of others and your own. You can tell what messages are being sent without looking things up. While your interpretations are a bit unorthodox they are almost always spot on.

Aquarius: Bringing Freedom

You are able to liberate even the most uptight individuals. You bring freedom to the lives of all you cross paths with. You know that in life we don’t have to do most of the things we do.

Pisces: Removing Negativity

You are able to remove the negative things people are focusing on and let them be content even if for a mere moment. Your energy is intense and almost unreal. People love to be around you because of this.