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When it comes to karma chances are you’ve heard the word but don’t know much about it. Well, there is much more to it than you’d probably assume.

Karma itself is a Sanskrit word that means action. It is something that essentially means for everything we do a reaction of equal power occurs. For example, if you’re mean to someone then someone else will also be mean to you. While the returning force we face is not always the same, it does work on the same level as what we have done or are doing.

You cannot hide from karma and it will always find you when you least expect it to. Sure, for awhile you might be on top of the world but that will not last forever, I assure you of that. While this could be related back to the Hinduist Golden Rule, it is a bit deeper in a lot of ways. 

Below I am going to go over the 12 laws of karma and break them down in the simplest forms possible. Once you understand these things you can work to identify and shape them in your life. If you’re doing these things or struggling in specific areas perhaps your karma is behind it.

The 12 Laws Of Karma:

1. The Law Of Growth

We all grow in our lives. If you are not growing you are not progressing in any sense of the word. We must all expect change within ourselves and the world around us.

2. The Law Of Creation

We should be working to surround ourselves with the things we want in life above all else. If we do not create a world worth living in we will not be able to flourish properly. When you do not like something changing it is your best option.

3. The Law Of Humility

We should not be blaming others for the things we have created for ourselves in this world. Everything we face is the result of something we have done, period. Even the worst parts of our lives make up something from our past.

4. The Law Of Focus

The more focused we are the more we can accomplish in this world. If we cannot clear our minds we will not be able to get far at all. Everything before us is important and if we focus on the higher we can achieve all of it.

5. The Law Of Responsibility

We are all responsible for the things we do or have done in life. The good and bad are all things we have created. Everything we’re facing is ours to face on our own, period.

6. The Law Of Giving 

We should always be willing to share and give to others. In this world being kind and compassionate goes a very far distance. These things reflect who we are on the inside.

7. The Law Of Connection

We are all connected. Everything in this universe is one. Even the smallest forms of life matter.

8. The Law Of Here and Now

We should all be living in the present moment. Tomorrow is not promised and yesterday cannot be changed. Right now in this moment is all we have control over and coming to terms with that is magical.

9. The Law Of Cause And Effect

Often referred to as the great law this one is mere that what we give is what we get. If you do good you receive good and vice versa. Be as generous as possible and see how you bloom.

10. The Law Of Patience and Reward

If you are not patient this world will disappoint you time and time again. You have to be willing to wait for your reward and see things through. This is just how life works here.

11. The Law Of Change

Change is inevitable and cannot be avoided no matter what. You must embrace it if you want to live a happy life. There is no questioning this kind of thing.

12. The Law Of Significance and Inspiration

Everything we face is significant in this life. Everything you do influences things on a wider level. You might not be able to see the bigger picture just yet but someday you will.

(Image Via: Pixabay)