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While not all of us are aware of this, there are 12 very specific types of ‘archetypes.’ While someone might fit into two areas there is always one specific archetype that stands out for each of us.

These archetypes are also known as the Jungian Archetypes as they come from Carl Jung himself. According to, these archetypes are ‘imprinted’ into our ‘psyches’ in a sense and well worth being aware of. The more you dive into this kind of thing the more you may end up learning about yourself. You can take quizzes and things like that online to see which one fits you, but you can also read about each one and figure out which speaks to you the most.

Below I am going to give a bit of an overview of each archetype. From there you can figure out what you are and where you lie in all of this. Each one is symbolic for its own reasons and while others may see you as a hero you may know yourself within as what could count as a wizard. This kind of thing can really help you grow in big ways the more you understand it.

The 12 Archetypes:

1. The Ruler

This kind of person is all about order and making sure things are lined up as they should be. If you fall into this archetype then you’re likely someone who likes to be in control and does his or her best to get things done. You are structured in ways others are not.

2. The Creator

This kind of person is very creative and usually very artistic as well. You are always putting your mind to work and doing things other people might never imagine. You are more inventive than most other people.

3. The Sage

This kind of person is always helping other people. You are more spiritual in most senses but also know that you’re not perfect. You are good at putting your best foot forward and chances are you have quite the green thumb.

4. The Innocent

This kind of person is a very optimistic person overall. You’re always doing your best to put your best foot forward and you can sometimes end up way in over your head. You tend to put yourself out there more than you should.

5. The Explorer

This kind of person loves to travel and see the world but also try new things. You’re always going out of your way to be adventurous and get things done that most people wouldn’t even consider. Staying in one place or sticking with the status quo is not on your agenda.

6. The Rebel

This kind of person doesn’t really go by the books others do. He or she will go out of his or her way to break rules and take risks. If this is your archetype you’re probably the kind of person who is always questioning things and working to make changes that you think are needed in the world.

7. The Hero

This kind of person is always working to make the world somewhere that he or she can be proud to call home. If you are this archetype you’re someone that thinks things through and is always reaching out to others. You make the most of each opportunity as it is presented to you and well, you’re a very strong-willed person as a result.

8. The Wizard/Magician

This kind of person wants to live his or her life to the fullest. You see the impossible and do your best to accomplish exactly that. You are always inspired and very imaginative. Nothing gets past you, and you’re always striving for better and more in life.

9.The Jester

This kind of person is more or less quite comedic in nature. You’re always cracking jokes and trying to lighten the moods of others. You’re someone that can be a bit of a hassle to others sometimes, but you’re also always able to brighten the moods of those around you.

10. The Everyman/Woman

This kind of person is essentially supportive and caring but also very independent. You hold your own and also help other people within reason. You love to make friends and in general, are easy to get along with.

11. The Lover

This kind of person is all about romance and passion as a whole. You’re the kind of person that looks for love everywhere and really puts things that deal with the heart high up on your list of important things. You do not want to let anyone close to you down and so you also tend to give yourself 100 percent with those in your closest circle.

12. The Caregiver

This kind of person is overall caring like no one else. You as this archetype go above and beyond for the people around you. You show other people how important they are and are always there for those who matter the most. That being said, sometimes this gets you taken advantage of whether you realize it or not.