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There are 12 archangels that really stick out when it comes to the zodiac. They seem to really rule over the different signs in ways that make us all better people and that is something worth being aware of.

Below I am going to go over the different archangels and the signs that they protect. While you might not know it now, these angels are watching over you. They are the ones guiding you to where you feel you need to be in this life.

Aries – Ariel

Ariel is the archangel of nature and is often referred to as the ‘Lioness of God.’ She pushes you to really connect with the things in life that matter the most to you. The more prominent her influence is in your life the more inspired you will become.

Taurus – Chamuel

Chamuel is the archangel of protection and peace. This angel works to really push us through our troubling times and allows you to grow in ways you wouldn’t be able to without his presence. Because of this angel you most likely do not often feel lost.

Gemini – Zadkiel

Zadkiel is a very forgiving archangel which is something the Gemini needs in his or her life. This angel provides the Gemini with a lot of release and pushes him or her to really grow as a person. While the energies can be a bit confusing, the connection that the Gemini has with the source is always being cultivated.

Cancer – Gabriel

Gabriel is one of the strongest archangels that there are. He is the one that brings forth the Cancer’s sense of power. Because Cancer is a very naive sign, Gabriel helps even them out as best he can. You get a lot of your strong will from Gabriel.

Leo – Raziel

Raziel is a very secretive archangel but also one that works hard to help those who wish to uncover the mysteries of this world. He pushes you to overcome your sensitive side and open up. The more you allow him to align you with your purpose the better your life will become.

Virgo – Metatron

Metatron is one of the most incredible teachers that there are. He is the angel of life, and he will allow you to align with the path that you need to in life. The more progressive you are the better and that matches up great with your sign. Everything seems to really fall into place.

Libra – Jophiel

Jophiel is an archangel that focuses a lot on beauty. She can and will help you to develop a mindset that can empower you rather than one that holds you back. She does not allow anyone to fall behind and even at your worst moments, she reminds you of her presence.

Scorpio – Jeremiel

Jeremiel is also known as the archangel of presence. He is not easy to connect with but once you have him on your side you can feel his presence big time. He makes sure we are always looking closely at our lives and the connections within them. You will never go without when he is near.

Sagittarius – Raguel

Raguel while not as prominent as some of the other archangels is known for being the angel of harmony. He tends to work to resolve conflict and remains brings forth the flow of energies. When you allow him to really overtake your life in the ways he wants to he restores your sense of peace in some of the best possible ways.

Capricorn – Azrael

Azrael is an archangel that is often referred to as the messenger. He helps unblock-us from things that are forcing us backward in life. He guides us through this world and into the next with a kindness that most could never truly fathom. You are quite lucky if he is your assigned archangel.

Aquarius – Uriel

Uriel is the archangel of Sun and light. She is quite intense and can be overwhelming for many. Her light serves us all but specifically focuses on those born in Aquarius. She allows many intense conscious shifts and really helps promote growth.

Pisces – Sandalphon

Sandalphon is an archangel that can be called on in some of the most terrible times. He will help you to really progress in the ways you need to and promote blessings in your life. He works closely with the world before us to bring creativity into our lives and is always doing his best to turn things around for the better.