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As we move forth into the month of September a lot of changes are headed our way. That being said, there is no reason to be afraid we are all in store for greatness if we work through the energies at play.

September 9th specifically offers us something far more abundant than we could ever imagine and that is the 999 portal and all its splendor. For those who do not know because September is the 9th month and it is 2019 (hence the 9), the day of the 9th itself is going to be opening a portal of energy we have not seen in quite some time. This portal is one that many can feel building up pressure and if you’ve been out of whack lately, this could be why. 

In regards to the number 9 looking to numerology for some of what we should be expecting energetically is a good idea. The number 9 is one that likes to take charge when its energies are present, you cannot deny it. It holds a powerful frequency and will not let you ignore it. The energies the opening of this portal will bring to us are going to offer wisdom and make sure you’re willing to take part in all the opportunities before you. During the time these energies are present you will be able to get more done and work much harder than usual. 

If you happen to be a Sagittarius you may even finally find a place to plant your roots. Renewal is the basis to all of this and through creating a better understanding of how we will be moving forward accomplishing that in itself is not going to be as hard as we may think it will be. If you are someone who usually doesn’t go out and explore, you will be doing-so. You will be looking for yourself in all the places you perhaps never stopped to check. 

Positivity radiates from this opening and is something we could all use. Clear up any misunderstandings and work with the people around you to better yourself. This is a period of calm before any storms can come forward and you need to keep that in mind. All you do now is going to set the mood for whatever is to come. You can either make the future bright or send it to a pit of darkness, the choice is yours.

Do you feel the energies building right now? How have they changed your life on a day to day level? Do you think things will die down once this portal is open or is this just the beginning of something much bigger? So many questions with no answers in sight, this is going to be quite the interesting ride.

Keep your head up and see where this magical thing takes you. You are strong and you can do all you aspire to. Become whole again and see what the coming months have to offer, we are all going to be moving at our own paces and you are growing whether you can see it or not.