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Sometimes people judge us by how we look or how we sound. They think they have sized you up appropriately and no matter what we do, usually their opinion never changes when it comes to us.

There is no bigger mistake than to underestimate a person. Somehow signs as a whole get underestimated in similar ways, of course, these experiences aren’t mirrored they are very similar. Do you get back up when you’ve been knocked down?

The one thing no one should underestimate about you based on your sign:


You are determined. There is no getting around that. How some people are able to think of you as ‘unreliable’ is absurd, You are in no form of the word a quitter.


You are stubborn and people often forget that when you need to explode you will. They underestimate your temper and almost always throw you over the edge.


People think you would move about through relationships as you want but you do not. You stick with the person you’re with for as long as physically possible. You can and will do whatever it takes for your partner.


Sometimes people question if you love those in your life as much as you say you do. This is an intense conflict that can cause serious issues, Cancer’s are deeply emotional and make sure those around them feel loved.


Sometimes people underestimate your mental capabilities. You are a king and whether people realize it or not there is more truth to that than anything else. You will do whatever it takes to overcome your obstacles.


You are great at picking things apart and breaking down why someone would be doing the thing that they are doing. Yet, for some reason, people still often try to discredit you.


People often think sappy romance stuff is not for you but it is your favorite part of love. When a Libra loves they love with all of their beings.


People think that Scorpios have trouble letting go but the truth is they do not. They are perfectly fine with letting go of those who do not deserve their attention.


People think you never feel lonely because you are often surrounded by people, however, this is not true. You get lonely and upset and sometimes life gets out of hand.


People think you are fake. You’re too oriented towards the material world and your frugality is mistaken as being cheap in almost all occasions.


People think you are flaky but the truth is you aren’t. Sometimes you have trouble committing to things but not to the extent that people think or try to portray.


You are considered to be weak by most of the people who encounter them. Pisces are very patient and strong, to be honest, and more people need to pay attention to this.