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For those who do not know, there will be a full moon on the 24th of this month. This full moon will bring with it lots of room to overcome all of our fears.

Chiron will be conjunct this full moon and because of that, we will really be delving within. It will feel as if a band-aid has been ripped off and the blood from that wound will come pouring out. Everything you’ve been trying to hide will become known and you will be forced to face your past wounds.

This full moon will be in Aries and that makes it even more intense. You will be feeling down in the dumps through most of it and any positive energies you get from the celestial bodies won’t be enough. That being said, this is still as mentioned above a time of overcoming.

Because of Chiron, you can expect as follows according to Astrology King:

Moon conjunct Chiron brings emotional pain but also healing. Due to the Saturn T-square, however, the wounding side of Chiron will be more in focus. Full moon September 2018 will bring to the surface painful memories from your childhood. You will probably feel more vulnerable and sensitive as you remember mistreatment by parents or grandparents. Moon conjunct Chiron suggests a deep wound in your soul associated with maternal issues. However, Chiron opposite Sun and square Saturn suggests father issues as well. How childhood trauma affects your current intimate relationships will become clearer.

The more open-minded you are during all of this, the better. Because this is going to be such an emotional process it will be hard but you will come out on the other end having finally truly healed. Keep in mind how important this is for your spiritual and emotional growth process and do not be discouraged. Work with the power of Aries to become stronger and more confident through this ordeal.

It won’t all be as scary as it sounds but it will in no way be easy. You can do this, just put your heart in the right place.

Image via Kaleidoscope Enterprises