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Reading the minds of others is a lot more do-able than most people think. Telepathy will allow you to read into others in ways you could never imagine.

Our astral bodies are capable of doing so much more than we realize. Tapping into your telepathic senses will really bring you to a new understanding. In order to be able to use your telepathic senses properly, you need to first do the things listed below. They will help you to really get to know yourself and through that get to know the things going on in the minds of others.

How To Tap Into Your Telepathic Senses:

Step #1: Believe in yourself and your abilities.

Believing in yourself and your own abilities will allow things to finally manifest. You cannot go into this with a closed mind. Be as open as possible to the things that could be to come.

Step #2: Find somewhere quiet to practice and someone to practice with.

Find somewhere quiet and a person you trust to really get this going. Don’t go into this with someone who is not open to it. Make sure it is someone you are content with and able to relax around.

Step #3: Meditate for a moment and set the mood.

Meditate for a moment, both of you. Relax and really allow yourselves to breathe. If you want to set the mood properly find a scent that allows you both to relax more. Light some candles if you think it would make things easier but don’t overdo it.

Step #4: Begin practicing telepathy by doing as follows.

Now that you’re both where you need to be, choose who will be the receiver and who will be the sender. The sender needs to decide what thought he or she is going to send and the receiver needs to try and receive that thought. Sit quietly and hold hands, do your best to figure out the thoughts the person is sending and if necessary take turns in this.

Step #5: If at first you do not succeed try again.

Continue doing this until you get things down correctly. While it will not be easy, trial and error is the best means of getting telepathy down pat. Do not ignore the things your intuition brings forth. Your telepathic senses will speak to you through your intuition in many ways.

While some people will do this in their own ways if you work hard enough at it and are open enough it will work properly. You can succeed when you are ready, just relax and see where things go.

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