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While the concept of telepathy overall is something a lot of people think is quite silly, it is real on some levels. There are tons of situations in life through which you could basically read the mind of someone near you.

Diving into the world of telepathic communication is a bit odd, but overall could help you in some big ways. While some people will still think this is silly, if you’re willing to work with your third eye, you may be able to master this skill at least with specific people. Building up your energetic connection with someone specific is a good first step towards becoming telepathic, at least with that specific person.

Make sure your third eye is properly balanced, and you’re not facing any blockages and make sure the person you’re practicing with knows what you’re doing. You both need to be on the same page for this to truly work. From here you need to start things off slow. Rather than trying to figure out exactly what this person is thinking, try to figure out what emotion they’re feeling first.

Once you’ve mastered that in itself, you can move on to trying to send things back and forth. One person needs to be the sender while the other needs to be the receiver. You don’t have to do this all the time, you can even choose specific moments to work with one another. Make sure you’re both relaxed and in a meditative state at first so that the energies surrounding the two of you won’t interfere with things traveling back and forth.

The third eye is powerful, and it’s something that holds energies that most people will never fully comprehend. Some actually believe the third eye in itself is the pineal gland which is something that when diving into holds extraordinary abilities when tapped into properly. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be able to hear the thoughts of others literally, but you will be able to send energies back and forth on some level that can be broken down depending on your connection.

To learn more about the third eye as a whole please take a look at the video below. It holds a lot of information that you may want to know moving forward. Your third eye is not something you should be letting go to waste.

Will you be giving this concept a try? I, for one, find it to be quite useful. The people closest to me have been able to show me a lot.