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As we move into Taurus season which begins on April 19th things are changing. The energies around us are shifting and this might in many ways bring out the more aggressive side of each of us.

While we need to embrace these energies on some levels we should also do our best to make the most out of them considering the things we’re facing right now. One of the biggest things we should keep in mind during Taurus season is that we can still take charge without making a huge scene and causing a stir. Blowing up might feel better in the moment but in the long-run, it doesn’t do anything for us.

 In regard to some of the energies that this is going to bring forth Numerology Sign’s website wrote as follows:

Venus is the planet that rules the sign of Taurus. Venus is one of the “benefics” in astrology, which means, as the word suggests, that she is very beneficial! She’s all about love, romance, pleasure, art, creativity, and beauty – and her season echoes all of these sentiments!

‘Tis the season to fall in love, make a deeper commitment in your existing relationship, move in together (isolation-permitting) or simply nest at home with all your favorite things around you (think a good series, a warm bath, scented candles, and yummy food!).

Don’t let this Taurus season get the best of you, instead, make sure you’re grounded properly and focused in the areas you should be focused. Taurus season itself is going to be quite busy and have us feeling like we’re running around all over the place whether we are or not. There will be a lot of celestial events happening while the Sun is in Taurus, and we are going to be having to maneuver through these energies as best we can. 

As we all become more determined and forward-thinking we should also be working to make sure that we’re still keeping our own well-being in mind. While I know this might sound all over the place, that in itself is how Taurus season is going to be. When you think you’re going one way, you’ll find that you’re headed another. 

Just because things feel intense doesn’t mean you cannot get through them. You are capable of so much and you need to keep that in mind as time passes. This season might be intense but it is going to help you grow in some big ways. Let the power of the Taurus help you to find more out about yourself and perhaps spend what moments you can really picking that apart.