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Currently, all planets are in direct motion and with that, we are essentially facing an alignment that could bring forth far more change than you might expect. This kind of thing is quite rare and will force you to really travel within.

While all planets are in direct motion and will be until March 5th, it is also important to note that 5 planets are in their home Star Signs. That in itself intensifying these energies and making for quite the alignment. During this time period, we will all be facing a lot of opportunities than most others will not be able to truly grasp. This ordeal partnered with the energies of the blood moon we’re facing on the 20th-21st of this month is going to have everything out of whack but in a good way.

APDM is important as when planets are retrograding they are being altered and unable to operate properly. When they are all direct the energies of the world are as they should be. When all planets are direct motion we can truly trust our instincts and stop hesitating. Our self-confidence will be boosted, and we will finally be able to focus on areas that we otherwise would not have any clue about.

When we are facing this kind of alignment we should work to place intentions, respond to the people we feel we need to and really begin to set our intentions properly. This time period will be quite peaceful and point you in the right direction for once. You will be ready to listen to your inner being and more willing to be patient with your truest version.

In regards to this Cayelin Castell has written as follows:

When ALL the planets are moving forward it represents only forward movement from Earth’s perspective as we look toward the heavens. There are no planets retracing the stars just passed. All the planets are moving forward creating a full speed ahead momentum with whatever we are dreaming into at that time or putting our attention on at that time. This isn’t good or bad, but rather is about what we choose to do with it.

If we imagine all the planets are moving forward together, we can also imagine it is a time when (if we choose it) we can move forward together, ideally with an intention that benefits all life on Earth.

With all planets moving forward there is very little that encourages us to slow down and reflect on what is happening. This means a shadow experience of a full speed ahead time can be challenging and may even result in reckless choices and results. So while this is a good time to take advantage of the forward momentum it is wise to consider what feels most alive and purposeful to engage.

If you want to make the most of this situation you should really allow yourself out of the shell most force you into. Let the energies of this blood moon kick start the strength within that you’ve been lacking. Begin new adventures and allow your life to move forward on a positive note.

This whole ordeal opens the door to true connection and wholeness. Do not ignore the things to come. Really allow yourself to benefit from the energies before things are going to be feeling a bit insane, they will all work out in the end.