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As hard to believe as it is, everything that happens in this world, the good and the bad all happen for a reason. While sometimes we cannot understand or see that reason but it is still very much there waiting to be discovered.

This universe will never bring us to anything we cannot handle. Everything we face is meant to shape us into who we are meant to be. While some things might seem like mere coincidences they are not. They are the universe at work pushing you forward down your path in life. They are reminders that things are really beginning to work out. The chaos of everyday life is nowhere near as simple as it seems at face value.

The universe is always working constantly to bring people into our lives and take people out of our lives. Sometimes we have to face hard lessons and sometimes we get to enjoy ourselves. Accidents are not accidents, they are the universe telling you that you are not ready or that you might want to think about something more. They are moments for you to learn from and room for you to grow. They are never as minuscule as you think they are.

As we walk down our paths in life we are one with the universe. It knows our desires, intentions, and everything else. It works with us and through us to take us to the place where we belong. Working hard and pushing forward all the while letting things take their natural course will benefit us all in ways that you’d think were astonishing.

It’s almost like life is a book and we are the main character. Together with the universe we are improving the pages and rewriting the chapters time and time again until we get things just right. Everything is in our hands because we are all one. The universe is you and you are the universe.

Nothing in this world is ever random. Everything that you come to in this life is something that you were meant to come to. Stop taking your day to day experiences for granted. The universe does some pretty mind-blowing things and this is one of those things. It is working to give us what we so deeply want and in the end, everything will be as it should be.

Trusting in the universe will push you so far in life. Believe in the one thing that will never stop believing in you. Live your life and have your fun but don’t forget the message.

Image via Spiritual Awakening