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For those who might not know DNA activation is something most of us go through as we become more awake and aware in this world. On a spiritual level, it is our ascension to new levels.

While the concept itself might seem odd, the more properly you move down your path in this world the more activations you may notice. That being said, the symptoms associated with it are not always as pleasant as we might like for them to be. Some of them are quite uncomfortable, to say the least.

Below I am going to go over some of the more common symptoms people face and what they mean. If you’re facing these things, don’t assume it’s a bad thing. This is a step towards so much more in the grand scheme of things.

8 Symptoms Of DNA Activation You May Be Experiencing:

1. Your sleeping patterns are changing.

If you feel like you need more sleep than usual or like you’re changing overall in how you sleep. This could mean you’re frequency is changing as well. As this happens you may need more or less sleep depending on what you’re facing.

2. You are facing serious emotions out of nowhere.

The more activated your DNA becomes the more volatile you may end up feeling for a little while at least. This is because this kind of thing brings up all of the emotions we bottle inside. It forces us to deal with things we otherwise would not be willing to deal with.

3. You’re dealing with a lot of pressure in your Crown chakra.

The more activated you become the more intense the pressure in your Crown chakra you will face, until things come to a head. This might be uncomfortable but it is a stepping stone towards a lot of benefits. The more aware you become the better.

4. You find geometric shapes in everything.

While you typically wouldn’t notice this kind of thing the more awake you become the more clear geometric shapes in well, everything become. You find them all over the place. They are literally everywhere.

5. Your senses are much more intense.

When you become more awake your body doesn’t tend to catch up as quickly as you would like for it too. Because of this, you might become sensitive to sights and sounds or things of that nature. If there is no underlying condition present, this is nothing to be too worried about.

6. Your weight is constantly fluctuating now.

Whether you’re gaining or losing weight this in itself is typically tied to DNA activation. You are losing weight because you’re letting go or gaining because you’re holding on too deeply. This varies from person to person and is something we must all work through.

7. You have tons of energy out of nowhere.

Because your body is facing so many energetic changes, you may notice that there are times when you feel like you can do literally anything. That being said, the same goes for times where you can’t do anything at all. You have serious highs and serious lows.

8. Your dreams are so much more intense than they typically would be.

The more ascended you become the more vivid your dreams will become. You are tuned into something most others are not and it leaves you with messages and things of that nature while you’re sleeping. You may even find that remembering your dreams is much easier now as well.