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There is something going on energetically in a big way. I am sure if you are energy sensitive you can feel this in more ways than one.

Our world is always going through energetic changes and this one has me all out of whack. I have noticed many people in many different places experiencing similar things. These are all symptoms associated with the change in energy we are facing in current times.

Don’t get me wrong, these things are all signs of something fantastic that is heading our way. While some of these symptoms may be hard to deal with, the effects this energy is going to have is overwhelmingly positive. If you are energy sensitive you know that much at the very least.

Below you will find a list of symptoms that many are experiencing that could mean you are being affected big time by the energy making its way here. If you are experiencing these things, I strongly suggest you increase your meditation time and work to do more white light meditation as well as grounding yourself in nature. Waiting out the storm will be your best bet if you want to benefit from the calm to come.

27 Strange “Symptoms” People Experience Worldwide:

1. You are struggling to make decisions that need to be made. You are not able to focus and it is making a huge difference in your life.

2. You are going through intense waves of conflicting emotions. You feel so moody you don’t know what to do with yourself at times. These waves come and go.

3. You get chills out of nowhere.

4. You are more aware of the things around you. It is like your senses are becoming more active.

5. You experience intense headaches in specific places. For instance, you will have a headache on just one side of your head.

6. Your eyes are becoming more clear. This will be something you notice right off the bat looking in the mirror everything is just so much less broken up and the colors in your iris are more intense.

7. You are not wanting to spend as much time using your phone or around the television. This energy is pushing you to be more active in who you are.

8. You keep hearing sounds that are not actually there. No one else is hearing them but you.

9. You are seeing more and more synchronicities in your life. This meaning you notice double numbers or even come across someone from your past.

10. Your chakras feel out of whack. You are experiencing pain or strange sensations in different chakra points.

11. You are struggling to sleep or sleeping too much. These energies affect us all in different ways.

12. You feel far more sensitive than you normally do.

13. You notice a change in your eating pattern as well. You either eat more, less or crave odd things.

14. You feel like you have more energy than you have had in a long time. It is as if you are suddenly over-charged somehow.

15. You feel out of it or fatigued.

16. You feel like the life you are living is not your own. It is as if you are going through some kind of out-of-body experience.

17. You are noticing intense visuals during meditation.

18. Old resentments and fears are making their way to the surface and you do not know how to deal with them.

19. Your stomach is upset. You are either nauseous or constipated. Your insides are going through changes as well.

20. You are a bit more clumsy than normal, you may be falling down more or just unable to stay balanced.

21. You feel more impatient than you normally do. Even the smallest task can have you stressed more than it should by far.

22. Your dreams are more vivid.

23. You notice that lots of people in your life just don’t fit into things anymore. They are not reflecting who you are working towards becoming.

24. Electronics are acting strangely in your presence. They may be dying randomly or just shut off for no reason.

25. You are no longer satisfied. You feel like there needs to be some kind of change but you cannot point out what kind of change you need.

26. You are struggling to deal with your anger. You do not quite know what to do with it and you are exploding more and more. You used to not be this way.

27. You are being more forgetful than you normally would be.

This energy will be hitting us for several months, and we need to be aware of it. It is a creative energy that can push you towards amazing things if you let it.