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A recent survey has shown that what moms really want for Mothers day is to stay in bed, and as a mother myself, I can assure you that this is 100 percent true!

Let’s face it, last year and even this year has been a tough time for people all over the globe. But moms have taken a hit. New mothers are forced to live in isolation from the people they love and care about because they are too scared to bring their children around the people that they love. Mothers of older children trying to juggle work, housework, cooking, and taking care of the children on top of the anxiety and isolation caused by the pandemic.

With Mothers day coming up, families everywhere have been searching for the perfect gift to show just how much they appreciate the matriarchs of their families. While flowers and breakfast in bed are both great choices and will of course be greatly appreciated it is not what mothers really want.

According to People, a recent survey was done that has shown what mothers everywhere really want, and that is to stay in bed! The gift that would make them happiest is for dad or someone else to take on the role of dominant caretaker, housekeeper, cook, and maid so that they can lay in bed and have no responsibility for just one single day.

Busy mother with baby, multitasking woman. Motherhood cartoon flat illustration.

The survey was conducted by One Poll and commissioned by Mattress Firm, and it included a group of 2,000 moms, 43 percent of them said that a night of uninterrupted sleep would be the best gift that they could receive this year.

This survey also showed that this gift might be a gift that would benefit the whole family because 64% of the moms said they felt like they would be a better parent if they could get the rest that they so desired.

A similar survey reported on by PR Newswire also showed that 70 percent of moms just want a day to themselves, and 51 percent wanted a full night’s sleep.

Sleep is, of course, an essential part of physical and mental health alike. And we all know that mothers just do not get enough of it. Honestly, as a mother myself, I can tell you that I know I would be a better parent if I could get more rest and a little more free time. It is an unfortunate fact that most of the time a mother takes on the brunt of household duties and most of the time with a full-time job.

From the moment that baby is born, sleep is disrupted, from waking up every few hours to feed the baby and then to entertain the toddler who just won’t stay in bed, sleep is elusive.

This survey also found that 68% of mothers felt that their child woke them up every hour when they were an infant. Unfortunately, the same survey also found that moms were not likely to get a full night’s rest until their child was 4 years old.
While this survey seems fun and light-hearted, it is very revealing in the fact that some changes need to be made in society about how motherhood is defined. This is because 73 percent of mothers said that they do a majority of the work, and this is something that needs to change.

Maybe dad needs to take this survey as the hint of the century and make a change so that mom can get some much-needed help as well as some much-needed rest.