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The super black moon in Leo is right around the corner, taking place on July 31st. Black moons are the second new moon to happen in a calendar month, and this one is also a super moon, meaning that it will be so close to us, that it will appear larger.

While it will be hard to see, with it being a new moon, it’s power will be stronger due to its proximity to us. Not only will it affect us, but it will also affect the world around us, because of the immense vibrations which emanate from it.

If you have been feeling the various retrogrades, including Mercury’s retrograde and are feeling a bit out of place after the recent half eclipse, the black moon may be able to provide you with the new beginning you have been waiting for. New cycles help us to set new intentions, focus on necessary change, and to carry out the beginning stages of these plans.

If you are feeling wounded, exhausted and as if you could use a change, then taking advantage of this energy is going to present you with a wonderful opportunity. Even better, as we see the new black super moon enter the sky, the ending of the Mercury retrograde will be taking place.

As chaotic energies are dying down, the new moon will bring about a time of peace and clarity. With it taking place in Leo, it is a wonderful time to let out your loudest rawr. If you have been unable to express yourself, now is your time to shine. While the eclipses elevated us, and the retrogrades have transformed us, now it is time to show our true selves to the world before us.