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Throughout the past month or so, we have encountered several things that probably have you a bit shaken up. From eclipse season to retrograde season, it’s a chaotic time of year, but thankfully, the super black new moon in Leo is coming to the rescue.

While the eclipse, paired with the retrograde may have brought some of your past demons to the surface, the new moon will bring the opportunity to clean up the mess and bring your life back under control. Old wounds are often opened through the retrograde, and especially through an eclipse.

You may be facing battles you thought you were done with, but, if you play your cards right, you can set your intentions back to the present and hone back in on your purpose. As Mercury is going direct on the 31st, the same day as the new moon, it may be best to merely focus your intentions rather than directly carrying them out. Now is the time to truly sit down and have a direct conversation with your higher self.

While I always emphasize self-care and starting new beginnings during the new moon, this one will be a time of pure self-care. Take a night to sit down, and truly write down the things on your mind. If you are able, burn a black candle, sit beneath the moon and ask the universe to bring you peace. Meditate on bringing yourself back to center, and meditate on your goals, aspirations and the future.

The retrograde will entirely be over soon after the new moon has passed, and with the constant chaos of retrograde after retrograde since April, the ending of the Mercury retrograde probably couldn’t come fast enough. We have transformed so much since the first retrograde began this year, and there is so much more to come.

During your meditation, ask yourself the following: where am I now vs. where was I before? How have I changed? How can I improve further? What drives me? What has transpired over the past month, and where do I want to go? Remember, speak kindly to yourself. And keep your feelings in mind.

Finish your talk with a pep talk and write down a list of how you have improved. Hug yourself and pat yourself on the back. You have truly come so far, and the best is yet to come!