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The position of the sun might not be something many of us stop to think about but it holds a lot of power. Where the sun is can really determine a lot.

Right now the sun is present in the sign Scorpio and while it was only just in the sign Libra not too long ago, this shift brings with it great changes. The power of the sign Scorpio is not a power we should overlook. While this celestial body won’t be in this sign forever, the things that it has to offer some of us can be very worth diving into.

Below I am going to go over some of the zodiac signs that will essentially be gaining the most while the sun is where it is. While the other signs will be gaining as well, they won’t be gaining anywhere near as much. If your sign made this list, make the most of the energies surrounding you right now.


This ordeal is going to have you lighting a fire within. Your passionate side is going to be coming out like never before and your appetite in some areas may be seemingly insatiable. Remember to keep your cool and don’t get ahead of yourself.


You’ve got a lot going on and this transit in itself isn’t going to make that easier on you. Right now you need a break and are working on some serious changes. Perhaps you will feel better because the sun is present in your sign but overall, you will still have a lot on your shoulders to work through.


As an Aquarius, this ordeal has a lot to offer you. You’re going to be feeling on top of the world and some of the people you’re closest with will be opening up to you. The more time that passes the more confidence you may end up becoming.


This whole thing might have you feeling a little all over the place but it will be helping you grow. In a lot of ways, you’ve got more on your shoulders than you can handle, and letting go of some of that will put you in a better place. This time around you’re going to learn how to let go.