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Beginning yesterday, Mercury retrograde started conjuncting the sun, providing alignment that opposes the typical Mercury retrograde mishaps. Throughout the week, we will see other alignments playing a major role in how the retrogrades continue.

Due to the sun opposing the Mercury retrograde, it’s likely that the thoughts and opinions of others, including ourselves, are likely to be pushed to the surface. Because of this, it’s also highly likely that we will see some strange social media posts resulting. Additionally, the news is likely to seem pretty lively for the next few days as well.

On Wednesday, the Mercury retrograde in Aquarius will form a trine with the North Node in Taurus, because of that, we should keep our minds open towards any mishaps caused by the retrograde. We can most definitely expect strange revelations to come to the surface, along with re-emerging past negative emotions and thoughts. Take these events as major life lessons, that are fated for our redirection in life.

On Friday, Mercury retrograde with form a conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn, as the Sun in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Aries. This energy is all about healing pushing us to find a sense of peace, even amid the intense energy from the previous week.

Additionally, on Tuesday, the Mercury retrograde will move out of Aquarius, and into Capricorn, which may cause us to feel conflicted with ourselves. Rather than fighting yourself, try to strive for balance.

Thankfully, this also spells out more level energy for communications, so conversations and communication mishaps are likely to be easier to deal with during this transition.

On the 29th, Venus will move from its retrograde phase back direct in Capricorn, which will also help to ease any conflicts that may have surfaced in relationships, finances, and other commitments.

You may feel a little push to understand your relationships from a new and broader perspective, causing you to feel a little sigh of relief. And if your finances have been in a tumultuous place, you will likely find things will become more balanced in the coming week.

The major themes here will begin with a small inner war, that pushes us to take actions to make the upcoming week a little easier. We will likely all be feeling pushed to get things done, while feeling a little cloudy on how to ask for help and give commands to others. When Mercury forms the trine with the North Node, it will be easier to see how these little mishaps are helping us to grow, no matter how inconvenient they are.

And then, when Mercury forms a conjunct to Pluto, we may feel a little tug from within once again. However, thankfully, due to the Sun in Aquarius sextile with Chiron, we can all breathe a little sigh of relief. Even better, Venus returning direct will also be bringing us a lot of peace not just within our relationships, but in many other stressful areas of life.

So, we can all breathe a little collective sigh of relief. Have a happy week, everyone!