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As we move forward there are lots of energies building in the weeks to come. August is about to be here and then September will find us much quicker than we might think.

For those who do not know, the Sun will be conjunct Mars officially on September 2nd of this year and with that, we will be offered much more than we could ever imagine. Throughout the month of August, the energies we are facing will become more and more intense because of the movements these celestial bodies are making. The energies before you are going to be overwhelming at best and depending on how you face them, they might really knock you off your feet.

Astrology King wrote as follows in regards to what we all should be expecting during the time this influence is before us:

Transiting Sun conjunct Mars brings an abundance of energy and initiative which must be burnt up in a constructive way otherwise there can be damaging consequences. If this hot energy were to build up in the body, then it would be spontaneously released without control. Such a release of uncontrolled hot energy would be rapid and destructive, hurting yourself or others. Although the manifestation of this transit can be positive or negative depending on how it is used, I consider it to be generally negative because of the potential for damage.

Remaining unaware of the buildup of energy can lead to accidents, aggression, temper tantrums, and even violence or rape. You will initially notice the buildup of energy as irritation, annoyance or impatience. At this stage or preferable beforehand, the best option is to consciously apply yourself to a positive form of activity. There is great potential with this transit to transform the hot energy into something very constructive and productive.

The creative nature of the Sun conjunct Mars can be applied to art or even better sculpture, and other creative pursuits such as dance. Physical activity is preferred but the brain can also burn up a lot of energy. Sex drive can go through the roof and baby making fits the role as both creative and productive, enjoyable too. You can express your identity through physical actions.

A high degree of assertiveness and initiative is ideal for starting new projects. An inflated ego should be contained if working with others at this time. This, together with your direct or abrupt attitude means than working alone is preferred. In your personal relationships, it is important to stay conscious of how others perceive you. They may feel threatened or dominated, and react with aggression or spite. If you feel an argument brewing or are provoked, it would be wiser to back down to maintain harmony.

If however, you or your loved ones are threatened and endangered, this is an excellent transit for going on the attack. Your muscles are primed to act on instinct when the Adrenaline kicks in. In a fight you don’t need to think, just do.

This whole instance will not be easy but it will push you to a place in life that you’ve been needing to find. You might become quite impatient and you might really end up unsure of how to get where you want to be but, in the end, everything will work out properly. Apply yourself and really make your goals a reality.

Do not move forth looking for a fight or trying to get the better of the people around you. Allow your insecure side to melt away and really come to terms with who you are. While you might feel on edge, you’re more than capable of holding your own.