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While not everyone knows about this, household spirits are a thing, if you’ve ever dived into Pagan folklore chances are you’ve heard about them before. Household spirits might sound a bit scary but they’re actually usually nothing of the sort.

For those who do not know household spirits are spirits that essentially live within your household and protect your home. They are bonded with your family and work to help you in the long-run. While there are different kinds of household spirits, overall they are quite positive for a lot of different reasons. wrote as follows on household spirits:

There are different types of household spirits depending on the culture and region. First, every house has a spirit in and of itself. This is the “soul” of the house, so to speak. Every house was built from materials like wood, stone, brick, etc. which originate from a natural place. If you’re a witch and believe the trees and stones have a spirit or energy, then you would also believe this energy/spirit is transferred into a home built with these materials. Our ancestors did!

In addition to the house’s spirit, our ancestors believed in household spirits of a more fairy or elf-like nature. For example, the Scottish people have the Brownie. A gnome-like being that helped the woman of the house with her chores while everyone was sleeping. The Russians have the Domovoi. The Irish have the bean-tighe. And nearly every ancient culture had household gods and believed their ancestors also shared residence.

If you want the blessings your household spirit might have to offer, you need to know how to please them. This means you should take care of them. The happier they are the more rewards you will reap from their presence.

Step one when it comes to pleasing your household spirit is to talk to it. Make sure it knows that you appreciate it. Acknowledge that it is there and that it too is a part of the household. While this might sound silly, it is very important. You can actually even go so far as to leave offerings for it.

Offerings don’t have to be anything crazy, leaving out a glass of wine here and there could be more than enough depending on how your spirit reacts as a whole. Your relationship with your household spirit or spirits is shaped by how you interact with them. If you ignore them and make them feel like they do not matter, they’re not going to offer you any blessings and in the end, you’re only going to hold yourself back as a result.

I personally like to meditate with my household spirit in mind. I work to speak with the spirit in my house while I am at the most peace so that I can resonate most properly with him/her. You can even go so far as to create a ritual that you do for your household spirit depending on how you want things to play out.

To learn more about household spirits take a look at the video below. Do you have a household spirit? I for one think many of us do whether we realize it or not.