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As we move forth the summer solstice is coming. It will be occurring on the 20th of this month (June) and will be a highly energetic event.

If you’re a part of the witchy world you know that during times like these rituals come in handy, big time. That being said, considering the chaos around us all right now not everyone has had time to truly prepare this go around. If you’re looking for a simple ritual to put to good use during this time, you’ve come to the right place.

Below I am going to be going over the ritual I will be using tonight to kick things off on a proper note. This ritual doesn’t require much and is all about bathing yourself as to cleanse the energies you’ve been facing and invite positivity into your life. Doing this all the while honoring the fae and respecting nature as a whole.

Summer Solstice Eve Bathing Ritual:

Things Needed:


Smudging Tools

Turquoise, Rose Quartz (or other positivity bringing crystals of your choosing)



In your tub be it inside or outside prepare a mixture of chamomile with water and really get things as you feel they should be. For some more chamomile will be used and for others, less. I like to use one pack and set my intentions as I pour it (though not everyone opts for packet form either). Your intent should be to show respect and also cleanse yourself.

During this whole ritual, you are going to be working to invite light into your life and really bring forth a positive power. Now, once you’ve done this smudge the area and your body. This will allow you to push forth any stagnant energies and keep them from influencing your ritual as a whole.

Now that you’ve smudged properly light your candles all the while reaffirming your intent. From there get into this bath be it full nude or in a bathing suit of sorts. Wash your face, your hair, and really allow this ritual water to flow down your body as best you can. This will help clear you of negativity and help you move forth during this special day on a positive note full of growth.

Yes, it is that simple. Something like this will help you put your best foot forward moving into the solstice itself. It will allow you to let go of the toxic things you’ve been holding onto and invite happiness into your life.