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Girls are born every single day but those girls are just that, girls. They don’t become ‘strong women’ right then, that term in itself is something they must grow into and find meaning within themselves.

Strong women are not born strong from the get-go, they must face the storms and pains this world has to offer them and work through the negativity that rains down on them in this world. They have to survive through the ups and downs in order to become strong and that’s something that not many people realize. Strong women are the ones who hold themselves up when no one else is around to do it.

These women are independent, powerful, and always seeking growth. They are the motivation that others seek and they do not break under pressure. These women might not be as abundant in the world as they should be but they are still present and you could very well be one yourself.

Strong women are aware of their worth, they believe in themselves and they learn all the lessons associated with each hardship they face. Instead of letting their sadness hold them back they use it to grow and to progress as a person in this world. They are willing to express themselves and don’t close themselves off from the things they’re feeling like other people do.

These women fight the fires that this world has in store for them and they come out on the other end with so much more as the result of their perseverance. They demand respect and are often the most forgiving and caring people you will find in your life. They will not sugar coat things and always do their best to make sure the people who matter to them are taken care of.

These women might look like everyone else but they don’t think like everyone else. Inside there is so much going on that most people could not fathom their inner workings. They are a force to be reckoned with and you should be thankful for all the strong women in your life. These women don’t have to be there for you but they are.

They will go the extra mile for all the people they love the most and they will fight tooth and nail for the things they believe in. The more that you push them the further they will get in life because they do not quit. They are capable of so much more than you could ever imagine and cutting them down is not an option.

These strong women have weathered all the storms that have come forth in their lives and they are truly something else now as a result. You cannot change them and they will not let you control them. You either allow them to stand beside you or they will walk away from you.