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I know, being single is something a lot of people see as scary but what scares the strong women of this world is falling for someone who is mediocre at best. They want someone who will be there for them through all of the rough patches, not someone who only gives them half of what they deserve.

Strong women know all too well what they want, and they get a bad reputation for it. They are told that their standards are too high or that they’re wasting away being single but the truth is, they don’t mind being single. They have fun living their lives on their own and don’t expect love to complete them.

They would like to find someone to settle down with and create a world with but that life isn’t the only thing they see for themselves. They have goals and dreams. The world of romance isn’t the only thing on their mind. Dating isn’t always fun, you have to deal with men who aren’t treating you right and men who expect you to put out when you’ve only just met.

Honestly, for strong women, it seems like dating only gets more and more disappointing as time goes by. That is why most of them choose to wait around and see what comes to them. They don’t go out with people who ask just to see how things go, they want someone who shows them that they’re a good friend before anything else blossoms.

Don’t get me wrong there are strong women who fall in love at first sight but those women are also aware of the things they deserve. They can love someone from a distance if that is what needs to happen. They know their worth and won’t let the people around them put them down.

Honestly, we could learn a lot from strong women, and we should all strive to be more like them. They are willing to experience this world on their own if they have to and they don’t fear it. They are content in their own lives, and they protect their hearts properly.

We should all take the time to get to know a strong woman so that we can see more of what we should work towards. There is nothing wrong with being single and if you don’t find someone worth your time why waste it with someone who is holding you back? Don’t just commit to someone to keep yourself from being alone. You can find happiness all on your own.