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Strong women are everywhere but they don’t all start out as strong as they are. They are shaped by the world around them and how they choose to kickback makes a difference in where they end up. 

Strong women are not strong from the get-go, they have to go through the things this world throws at them to become strong. Sure, that might sound rough but it’s just how this kind of thing works. When life hands you storms you either get through them and grow stronger or allow them to break you down and become weaker. 

Below I am going to go over some of the things strong women seem to do and break things down a bit. While some of these things might not seem like a lot, they are all important and all help keep these kinds of ladies where they feel they need to be in life. They work very hard to protect themselves and remain comfortable in their own lives. 

17 Things Strong Women Do:

1. They don’t let others tell them who to be.

Strong women know who they are and who they are not. They don’t let other people tell them who to be or how to live their lives. They know at the end of the day they have to live with the things they do.

2. They are good with proper communication.

Strong women are always willing to sit down and talk things out. They don’t resort to screaming when they want to get their way. They take everyone’s emotions into consideration and are more powerful as a result.

3. They know how to cut toxic people out of their lives.

Strong women are always capable of cutting out those who need to be cut out. Sure, it might suck and they might miss you but if you’re toxic you’ve got to go. There is no place in this kind of woman’s life for anything toxic.

4. They are very responsible.

Strong women know the things they need to do and get them done. They don’t put things off and waste time. They always work hard.

5. They speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

Strong women speak for the people who refuse to speak. They do their best to help all they come across and are very prominent in the world of saving others. While it might not look like much to some, they do a lot.

6. They are usually extremely understanding overall. 

Strong women tend to understand a lot more than most. They are very open-minded and as a result, can see most things from all possible sides. They understand what you’re saying even if you don’t think they do.

7. They own their confidence, big time.

Strong women are usually very confident and they own that confidence. They have worked very hard to get where they are and it shows. You won’t ever catch them slipping in this area.

8. They are very independent.

Strong women overall are quite independent. They get things done and take care of themselves. Sure, they can function well in a relationship but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to be on their own.

9. They know how to admire other women and don’t usually get too jealous.

Strong women are very inspiring and tend to appreciate the inspiring things in others as well. They don’t become jealous when they see someone else doing well. They are proud of the person doing well and express that openly.

10. They love themselves entirely.

Strong women have mastered something called self-love. This is something most people struggle with. Despite their flaws, they know that they should always love themselves.

11. They are as kind and compassionate as they can be.

Strong women are very compassionate and kind. They help others as much as they can and are caring in many ways. You will always find them ready to give something to someone else.

12. They don’t rely on other people for their happiness.

Strong women do not usually treat others as their means of happiness. They know true happiness comes from within and so that’s where they find it. They know you cannot rely on other people for this kind of thing.

13. They don’t care about keeping a lot of friends, a few real ones are all they need.

Strong women are not interested in having tons of friends. They keep few friends and do-so for a reason. They know the few friends they have are true friends.

14. They show their emotions when necessary, bottling isn’t their style.

Strong women show their emotions when they need to, they don’t bottle things up inside. They know the importance of expressing themselves and so they do. They don’t hold back like other people would.

15. They tend to trust their intuition. 

Strong women are very intuitive. They don’t ignore their inner voice when it speaks and it helps them big time. They allow it to guide them through rough patches.

16. They always plan things out.

Strong women are great planners. They always have a plan and a backup plan in place. This helps them through some of the hardest parts of life.

17. They never give up their dreams.

Strong women even when struggling never give up their dreams. They keep their eyes where they should and always strive for more. In the end, they will get where they’re going.