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Dating can be quite hard, especially in this day and age. Far too often we compromise the most important things within our relationships and end up allowing our wellbeing to fall through the cracks.

As a woman, you should never be with someone who refuses to respect you or treat you properly. You should be very picky about who you allow close within your life and who you are willing to put up with moving forward. While it might sound like you’ve set your standards high, there is nothing wrong with being treated like you deserve to be treated. 

Compromise and change is necessary sometimes, but there are some things we should never consider giving up or slowing down on in regards. Below I am going to go over some of the things that you should always demand in relationships and if the person you’re with isn’t giving these things to you perhaps it’s time to cut ties. You are the one allowing the people around you to be in your life, and you need to keep that in mind moving forward.

A Strong Woman Will Always Demand These 13 Things:

1. Patience

Patience is something that every relationship needs. When you’re lacking patience, more arguments and fights tend to come forth. Being able to just let things go is crucial in moving forth.

2. Boundaries

Boundaries should be set for everyone, even your partner. The more time you spend with your partner the more apparent your boundaries should be. Once you’ve set these, compromising them should never happen, period.

3. Laughter

Laughter is very important in life and in love. If you cannot laugh with your partner you might need to rethink things. You and your partner are going to be sharing a lot of moments together and many of them need to be with laughter and smiles in suit.

4. Growth

We all have to grow in life and if our partners aren’t willing to grow, we need to cut ties. The more we grow away from our lover the worse our situation will become. This kind of thing can seriously hold a couple back.

5. Safety

If you don’t feel safe with your partner, you need a new partner. Your significant other should be someone who makes you feel secure and comfortable not irritated and on edge. Keep this kind of thing in check, for sure.

6. Communication

When you’re in a real relationship you need to be able to communicate with one another. If your partner isn’t willing to open up, then they’re not trying to really make a connection at all. You have to be able to sit down and talk things through for this to work.

7. Understanding

We all make mistakes and the more understanding we are of one another, the better. Your partner should know that you are just human and not hold you to a standard that you cannot achieve as you should them as well. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

8. Honesty

Again, we all make mistakes, and we all have to be able to own up to those mistakes. Honesty is crucial for romantic relationships. While it might be hard to tell the truth in some situations, it is always the best option.

9. Freedom

We all need our independence and alone time, giving that up is going to make you and your partner not like one another as much. Being on your own here and there doesn’t mean you aren’t dedicated to your partner, it just means you’re both separate people. You should be free to live your life within reason.

10. Respect

Respect should always be mutual within relationships. Your partner needs to have a sense of respect for you, and you need to have a sense of respect for him/her. Without respect, everything will eventually fall apart.

11. Support

Relationships are one of the closest forms of connections we have on this planet, and they take a lot of support. If you do not care for one another and are not able to really root for each other properly things will never work as they should. You have to be willing to be there through the worst things life throws our way.

12. Kindness

We all deserve kindness in life. Sure, sometimes it will be hard, and sometimes you won’t be able to just brush things off, but overall we have to be kind to one another. If you’re constantly attacking each other things are going to just fall apart.

13. Fidelity 

Being faithful unless otherwise agreed upon is something that should come without hesitation. If your partner is not willing to settle down, then he or she isn’t worth your time and effort. Again, you get what you accept and if you want true commitment then define things properly.